How To Design A Web Page

STEP 1- Select one of the best Platforms for building a website

Before you begin thinking about the color schemes and domain names for your site, you must decide on the type of platform you are going to create your site with.

What is a website building platform?

Back in the year 2004, most people used to build sites using HTLM i.e. code, CSS, and on other occasion flash was used. It took the web designer a lot of time and efforts to learn since they were very tricky master.

Due to this reason, many people tend to think that building a website on their own is difficult because they must first learn coding and design skills like before.

Creating a website has been made easier by the introduction of CMS (Content control systems) such as WordPress.Creating websites is now accessible to everyone who is willing to design their own websites.

CMS is a user- friendly platform for creating sites and controlling your online content, instead of using the HTML pages.

Today the most popular website building platform is WordPress, and you must have noticed that a big number of sites are being run on this platform.

The reason word press is used by many web designers is because it is remarkable and easier to use. Besides it is a available for free with many layouts to select from. Downloading WordPress will not cost you much time since it has been made available and has beautiful themes and templates, thus becoming easy and to use and access.

If you thought designing web pages is tough, try, WordPress, because it is extremely friendly for beginners. If you have an idea of how to use Microsoft Word, you can add you own content. The most incredible thing with WordPress is that you can expand it with plugins to handle almost every website you can think of.

It is one of the best because it is mobile friendly. After building your website, you will notice that it looks great, and it is responsive to each mobile device, ranging from smartphones and tablet. For the beginners, you can start with this platform since it is one of the most simple, flexible and can suit almost everyone.

Step 2-Choose a domain name

After you have identified the platform for building your web pages, the next thing is to choose a domain and web hosting for the website. Domain name is the web address that people will identify your site with. On the other hand, hosting is a service that links your site to the internet.

There are several ways to obtain a domain name and web hosting services. You can decide on the free services or the paid packages. However, you must do enough investigations before involving yourself with any company.

After getting a domain name and setting up you hosting, the next thing is getting your website up and running. The last step is installing WordPress to your domain.