How To Buy A Domain Name Uk

A domain name is important if you are establishing a virtual business because it is both the name of your organization and how the customer will find you. The name should be easy to memorize, easy to spell and easy to use. When it comes to purchasing domain names, it is not possible to use comparable domain sales or estimate the actual value you negotiations. How much to buy a domain names depends on the worthiness of that name to you and how much the domain registrar is willing to part with for it.

You can follow this step to step guide to secure the domain you desire:

Come up with a list of names

Make a list of some of the best names you feel comfortable to be associated with. These names should be unique and easy to spell and say. Remember that the better choice might be taken to be expensive.

Sort the names

Visit one of the most remarkable registrar sites and upload this list to confirm which among the names might be taken. To upload the list of names use the feature indicated as’ bulk upload’. You will see the domain that are not taken, if you like any of the available names, choose the best name.

Find the best domain registrar

You can use a search tool like the domain tools which has a list of domain auctions. You might find a good name at an affordable price. At this step, you must have made up your mind on which domain name to purchase.

Reach the owner of the domain you are attracted to

At this point, you know exactly what you want. Find out who owns that name, where he/she is located and communicate. It can take you days or months to find the owner of the domain and be in a position to agree to the terms of purchasing the name.

Find out if the contact information of the seller is listed on the website. If you can find the owner use the ‘who is’ directory.

Reach the owner and find out if the name is for sale or not.

Do not attempt to make an offer for it. You can contact the owner directly, but at the same time you are advised to hide your info.

Do evaluations

As we said at the start of this discussion, there are no comparable to follow. Most of the times you can be dealing with an individual owner of the domain you have fallen for. This means that the name is worth what the seller is willing to accept.

Agree upon the price

Remember that you want this domain just as much as the owner wants it for cash. So you must play safe and show the seller that you are willing to buy but you are not too attached to that name. He/she might take advantage of your weakness, take care.

8. Come to an agreement

Work hard and get a yes to your price. Finally, make them transfer the full ownership of the name to you.