How To Buy A Domain Name For Life

Not all people have an idea what it means to buy a domain name for life, and even some of those who have heard about it they do not believe that a domain can be purchased for life. Read this article to discover the answers to such questions and get more information about buying a domain name for life.

When buying a domain name for life you don’t have to worry about how long you are likely to live. This is because it does not mean that you are purchasing the name until you die. It means that you are keeping the domain name for the life of the names’ registrar. Provided the company you registered you domain name with remains in business, you will retain the ownership of your domain. In the case that the company ends the business due to their known reasons, your domain goes with your registrar.

As soon as you have chosen a website domain name that suits your website’s title, easy to recall and memorize and one that is attractive to your readers, you can then proceed to buy the domain name.

To get a domain name for a website you have to get registered with the domain registrars. A domain registrar is usually a company that keeps the records of the domain names purchased. Such companies are vetted to become registrars and then issued the rights to release a limited number of domain names within a given period. However, this varies from one country to the other. It is possible to find a domain registrar who can register the domain names for more than just one country.

You can buy a domain name for life by either buying the domain or purchasing the web hosting services.

buying a domain name for life through the domain name registrar

1. Buy the domain via the domain registrar company of choice. To acquire the domain you can pay at least$ 7 to$ 19 every year. However, the price for buying the domain name varies from one registrar to the other.

2. Record the exact date you bought the domain and note down the password and username used at that time. And keep the name safely and in a visible place that you can easily recall. This step is paramount.

3. Domain names are set to last for one year, so you are supposed to wait until one month to that date, and then you pay the renewal fee of the domain name. From the time you bought your domain name, it takes one year for the name to expire if not renewed. To pay the cost of domain renewal, you will have to log into your name manager tool. You are required to use the username and password as it was created when you bought the domain. This is why step 2 is usually vital when it comes to buying domain names for life.

4. Choose the option showing; renew’ and then type in the valid credit card details so that you can activate the name for another year.

If your registrar has offered you with the option displaying’ recurring options,’ you can choose this option for payments, the fee from your name shall be renewed automatically from your credit card every year.