How Much Does A Web Designer Make

The major work of a web designer is to build web pages that show information, entertain, products and services and marketing on the internet. A web designer must be capable of balancing an aesthetic appeal with the online speed and browsing abilities. What the professional make is determined by their level of learning.

According to the American Institute of Graphics Arts and Staffing Services Firm Aquent (AIGA), there are three levels of web designers.

A junior designer-This is a designer who has up to 3 years of experience from the time he/she came out of school. Even though this designer can work on all aspects of site designing, he/she needs supervision and can be assigned some parts of the project.

Seniors web designers-They are the professional designers who can lead projects with other graphics design professional. They are able to coordinate working schedules and assign tasks to the junior designers.

Designers-They are the persons with at least three years of working experience and can handle the job independently. However, they can face problems while performing the work at times they seek help from the senior designers.

When it comes to the amount of money each level of web designer earns, the junior designers get an average salary of $ 42,000ever year. The cost of hiring the juniors can vary and might go down or up according to the price you agree up with the experts. They earn $ 21 if paid on hourly basis. Moreover, they get % 3,000 as a pushed final compensations which is up to $ 45,000 each working year.

How much the junior designers earn depends on the country they are located in and other factors linked to building websites.

The designers earn an average income that is around $ 52 000 per annum, which is $ 26 every hour they are working. The additional revenue can come from $ 3000, which is the addition of all the bonuses and commissions, making the final compensations sum up to $ 55,000.

Seniors are the most paid web designers all over the world, although their income can vary from one country to the other, but should not be less than what is earned by the designers and juniors. Even though they might be paid higher today, some time back, they were making around $ 72,000 annually or $ 36 every hour.

A website is a broad creating and designers are only responsible for building the appearance of the web pages. There are other kinds of experts needed to make the site fully functional and add other web design elements such as video, motion graphics and also interactivity. The income of each one of those additional professional varies with the type of work they are hired to do.

When you are searching for a web designer to work with, the wise thing to do is plan and budget for what you are going to spend on the creation of your website. Then you can find the most affordable designer who is willing to take what you are offering and can give you quality for your money.