How Much Does A Web Developer Make

Web developers are professional who are employed in industries, government offices and in institutions to create websites that serve as the public appearance of their employers. The work is to plan, program and then implement all the aspects of their employers’ sites. Skilled persons in the technical aspect of the website creation, hold a degree that is related to their job. The bureau of labor statics confirmed that such web developers should be paid an average salary of$ 81,670 as at may, 2011.The same pay is what information security analysts and computer network specialist should be earning as of May 2011.

However, there are some factors that determine, how much a web developer should be earning. Even though you might not feel comfortable while working with a colleague and you don’t make the same payments, there could be relevant reasons why you are being paid less, while he/she is earning more from the same work.

The education and experience of the web developer

You can find that most of the companies hiring web developers pay according to scale. For instance, a classified listing can state that a particular job pays $ 8 to $ 16 every hour. It means that if you are hired to work for the company as a web developer and you have a higher experience and education you are likely to earn more. In such cases you might find someone is making much money than you do, this could mean that this person has more academic know- how than you do. Some companies offers their employees bonus, once they advance their academic degrees, which is something you should look into if you wish to earn a higher salary.


We developers having the right skills may earn more than others who don’t have many skills if though they are doing the same job. If a web developer has a particular certification may make more than their coworkers doing a similar job.Possessing the desired web development skills is one way your employer can sue to determine how much he/she is going to pay for the job done.

Time spent working for one employer

Some employers value their employees, and they can end up giving them some bonus to encourage retention. Web developers who have worked at one company for long may earn more than those newly hired. So, when you think of changing employees, there are some factors you should consider as a web developer. Make sure you have valid reasons as to why you wish to quit your current employer for the next one.

How much a web developer can earn either monthly or annually depends on many factors. The area you are located in might be one of the reasons you are making highly or low income. Whenever you notice that you are doing the same job in a certain company, but you are earning less than your coworkers, it is advisable you ask your employer the reasons. Discrimination is illegal and should not be one of the reasons you are earning less as a web developer.