How Do You Make A Website

For many people the steps of making websites entail calling a web design company and paying them some amount to design the website on their behalf. In most cases, this process is done with less transparency to the client, hence making them not to grasp even a little idea of how the website is created.

So if you have been asking if you can learn how to make your own website, you will get more information on how to do it. The idea of making a website is having the interest to learn more about the process and not to be overwhelmed. People might tell you that this process is complicated, with the aim of making you pay for the services, but be focused and you will be capable of making your own website as time goes. Below is how to do it, with only a few simple steps to be followed

Establish a cheap web hosting plan- There are companies whose main aim is to supply you with web servers. On that server is where you will build your website. We can say that this is the ‘land’ to build your site. You will begin by finding the best web host for your site, who will rent you the serves to keep your website files. The cost of paying for the ‘space’ is something you can avoid. However, the total cost will reduce since you are the one doing web making.

Purchase a domain name-Each web owner must pay for this cost as well. There are very countless places online to buy a domain name. But the most convenient place to purchase the domain name is from the hosting company you make a contract with. Signing up a web hosting company may be beneficial, the reason being that most of the top hosting companies provide their clients with free domain name for signing up for the service.

Installation of word press on the domain name you have already bought is the third step to follow. To make things clear for you ‘word press’ is a blogging software meant to help bloggers while creating blogs for sites. While in the admin area of your fresh blog, you may select themes that shall change the appearance and performance of your website. Go to plugins and then install by clicking on them to help you customize your site further. The purpose of the theme is changing the look of sites. Every theme you choose has its menu structure and customization alternatives. Plugins enable your site to perform many things or assist you to do a lot of things. Then put content on your site.

The final step is to publish your site-Click on the button indicated ‘publish now’ and as soon as you press that button your website is up and on the internet for the public to see. This is all you need to do. To keep your website functioning well all the time, you can pay for ongoing maintenances or do it yourself since you have the knowledge of how to make a website.