How Do You Buy A Domain Name

If you have a site, you should be thinking of registering your personal domain name. A domain name is a name used to refer to a website, for example ‘'. The site does not need to be for a big organization or agency to be registered; even individual can register their domain names.

Why do you need a domain name?

There are some reasons why you need a domain name, thus if you don’t have a domain name for your website you might be doing your business more harm than you can think.

If you created a website for your business, having a domain name gives you credibility. Many online may not be willing to do businesses with an association that does not have their domain name.

When your register domain name describes your business or name correctly, one that is easy to remember and memorize, users will access your site without having to check your name on documents. If you get the perfect name matching with what you are marketing, you will be surprised of the countless number of clients flocking to your site.

If you change your web host due to reasons known to you, the domain name of your business goes with you. Your Frequent visitors would be brought to your new website even if they were not informed about your URL change.

When there comes a time you are looking for good advertisers for your site, the domain names is very useful. It gives your website a sensation of respectability.

When it comes to buying a domain name, you must also think of registering the name with an organization known as ICANN by the help of a domain registrar.For instance if you choose a name such as’ likeYou. Com’ you have visited a registrar, pay the registration fee that costs approximately $ 10 to $ 35 for the domain name registration. Your registrar will give you the right of ownership to the name for 12 months, and then you are supposed to renew it for the same amount ever year.

You have many options when you are choosing our domain registrar. Buying a domain and then getting it registered is something you must consider and budget for it. Some of the web hosts provide free services, meaning that you can obtain the domain names for free and web hosting services for free( but don’t expect anything for free, there must be a hidden agenda).Other web hosts shall do it for you, but you must pay a specified amount of money to cater for the services.

I t is advisable to buy a domain name and get it registered then make sure you renew it at the end of every year rather than seeking free domain name and registration web hosts. However, this depends on every web owner and the reasons they created the website.Whichever way you are going to acquire a domain name the idea is having the best domain name for your site if you are seeking after success and security.