How Do I Buy A Domain Name Uk

Buying a domain name is one thing you must put into consideration if you are planning to build a website for blogs, personal or business marketing. If you treasure the domain name you have acquired, you have to consider buying it for life. Purchase a name for life is somehow trick to if you have never heard of it. Buying the domain for life means that you are going to retain the ownership of that particular domain for the life of the registrar who has registered your domain.

It means that you are going to own the domain as long as the company who registered it for you remain in business. When it happens that this company is no longer operating, your domain name goes with them. There are two ways to acquire a domain name for life UK.

The first means of acquiring a domain is just buying the domain and here is how to go about it;

Go to the most promising domain registrar and purchase the domain name from there. It will cost you not more than $ 10 to buy the domain for one year. The cost of buying a domain varies by the domain registrar.

Note down the real date as just as it is recorded as to when you bought the domain name. It is good to retain the date so that you can get it when the renewal date is due. You can consider storing the details in an electronic calendar, however if you are among those who see this as an additional job, you can go back to your registrar and trace the details from there.

After obtaining the domain name ownership from the registrar, you will have to wait until one year ends. This period of one year starts counting from the date your domain was registered. You are supposed to wait not more than 30 days to the expiry date (the real date is exactly the time you registered your domain. When the date is due log into your domain manager tool by using your domain name and passwords.All these details should be just as they were when you bought and registered your domain in the beginning. Just in case you don’t remember your domain login details you will be forced to go back to your registrar.

Go to the option that says ‘renew the domain and then you type in all the valid credit card details to renew your name for another one year. You can choose to pay for the domain for up to 10 years if you are willing and capable of doing so.Most of the domain registrars provide their customers with a ‘recurring payment option’. This means that you can choose the recurring alternative payment option and renew your domain for as long as you desire. The price of renewal for the domain shall be deducted automatically from your credit card ever year.

To keep your domain active, you will have to master and apply step 3 and 4.