Home air conditioner

An air conditioner also known as A/C, AC or air con is a system that is used to alter the quality and properties of air that is temperature and humidity to distribute the air evenly in order to improve the indoor conditions. How does the AC system work? When you turn the AC on then the compressor subsequently compresses the refrigerant raising its temperature and it soon turns into gas as it absorbs the heat. It loses this heat as it flows through the condenser which has an electric fan. It passes through the receiver or dryer where contaminants and moisture are removed using filters and desiccant respectively, and then on to the expansion valve or accumulator where the refrigerant is slowed down further, causing it to lose pressure and temperature before it gets to the evaporator. The evaporator then gets really cold as it further lowers the refrigerants temperature. The blower motor blows air over the cold evaporator and pushes cool air into the room.

There are several different types of air conditioners for the home and these include: The window air conditioner system which may also be referred to as a wall air conditioner or a room air conditioner, has the function of a unitary air conditioning system which means it has its components tailored to a size that can fit a compact box. It is installed on an open window since adding holes to your walls can be costly and inefficient. It ejects heat to the outside while keeping the inside of the room cool.

The portable air conditioner system is another type of the many types of the unitary air conditioning system. The portable air conditioner also has its component tailored to size. It can be moved from home to the office and back. It is placed on the floor and attached to a hose connected to the wall. It can come as an evaporative with a condensing unit. It can be found with power ranging from 1800W-18000W.Unfortuantely it is one of the noisiest units. It blows cool air from one end and ejects hot air on the other end.

These air conditioning units are the most suitable for your home. When selecting an installation type be sure to select a unit that is energy efficient, quiet, and long lasting and that fits your area of comfort. Always select a unit that fits your requirement because a bigger unit would be using a lot of energy and it will show on your utility bills. You will find that a smaller unit will not be efficient and will not provide sufficient cooling for your space. You will also have to keep it running for long in order to feel its effects. Remember to also check that you get the warranty and try and get a company that can do installation for free. If you feel that you do not quite understand you can look for a reliable contractor to help you get the best deal.