Home ac repair

You may have an AC that is not functioning properly or an old AC sitting at home and you are curious to find out if you would be able to fix it yourself and the answer to that question lingering in your mind is yes you can. How can you repair your own AC?

To be able to take an AC apart and check for any problems it might have you need to be able to understand what an AC is, identify the components of an AC and understand how it works. An AC is a machine that simply cools or heats the surrounding area. Some people even say that it is basically an open fridge. So what are the components of an AC?

  • Compressor
  • Refrigerant
  • Condenser
  • Expansion Valve
  • Evaporator
  • Receiver or Dryer
  • All these components have specific functions and understanding their functions will help you understand how to fix your AC.

    The compressor compresses the refrigerant and thereby raises its temperature. The refrigerant is the liquid that carries the heat through the AC. The condenser changes the refrigerant from gas to liquid and removes heat from the AC. The expansion valve which is also known as the orifice tube is responsible for lowering the pressure of the refrigerant. The evaporator cools down the refrigerant and the moisture is removed from the air. The receiver or dryer is a filter for the refrigerant and removes moisture and contaminants.

    The first thing to check for is if the refrigerant is leaking. This is done by purchasing a fluorescent dye in order to rectify the leak. A large leak can be detected with a gauge using the PSI level because it will reduce the pressure in the system. The fluorescent dye that you add to the system will check for leaks and the dye usually comes with instructions on how to use it to check for leaks. If you find a leak you may have to pull the AC apart in order to fix it to stop the leak and you may have to add refrigerant to replace the amount that had leaked out of the system.

    Check the compressor to ensure that it is turning. If you turn on your AC and the blower is on but the center of the pulley is not turning it may mean a bad fuse, bad switches, broken wires, broken fan belt, seal failure or a low level of the refrigerant.

    Check for any cooling that is not enough this probably means that the AC has low pressure which can be fixed by adding more refrigerant. The refrigerant can comes with instructions on how to refill. Do not overfill as this could lower the performance of the AC.

    There are some simple and easy to fix problems on your AC like adding refrigerant and finding and fixing a leak but if you find that the problem is too complex please take the AC to a technician or ask one to come over and fix it.