An iPhone 4 is very useful considering its latest mobile technology features. By unlocking it, its usage becomes limitless in exploring a world of endless possibilities. One can unlock their iPhone 4 using different methods such as unlocking the iPhone themselves for free, contacting their current network provider to unlock the iPhone for them and using a third-party unlocking provider who offers the service at a small fee.


Software unlocks are certainly not a take when unlocking iPhone 4. Not only do the providers not refund your money when the product fails, but the whole idea plays as a scam.

Hardware unlocks where SIM trays are replaced in the iPhone do work. This is however at the expense of long shipping days and unfitting size (mostly large) of the SIM trays.

With the IMEI/ network unlocks, the process of unlocking iPhone 4 becomes safe and non-invasive. To do this, provide your iPhone’s IMEI number by typing *#06# or pressing “i” on LCD. The iPhone’s number is added to Apple’s whitelist i.e. a list of numbers that are allowed to any network. Thus, the iPhone remains unlocked even after each new update of its firmware.

On receiving a confirmation email that the IMEI has been saved to the Apple’s database:

1)Connect the iPhone, with an accepted SIM card inside, to a computer

2)Launch iTunes

3)Information on the available updates for your iPhone are displayed. Get to upload them

4)Your iPhone is now unlocked.

Some IMEI network unlocks include:

a)iUnlock Pro

This program is faster, cheaper and has a phenomenal customer service.

The process of unlocking is simplified and made easier.

b)Official iPhone Unlock

Not a match for the iUnlock Pro with its sub-par customer service, prolonged days for the confirmation, poorly designed and quite a confusing website to work with and limits on what payment processors they can accept.

Its services nevertheless come in handy where one is unable to access the iUnlock Pro program.

c)IMEI Codes

This is for a truth the last resort that should be sorted out since it is graded far below the two discussed above. The process takes rather a longer period of time and its website is somewhat complicated making it difficult to navigate.

Unlock the iPhone 4 yourself for free

This involves the jailbreaking process plus getting to run some additional software to achieve the actual unlocking thanks to the development of a jailbreak unlock device software.

Learning how to unlock iPhone 4 with the aid of the jailbreak software gives an additional advantage of life-long upgrades i.e. the ability to jailbreak future iPhones at no extra charge. These jailbreak software can be instantly downloaded from the internet. They carry easy to understand instructions and guidelines for the jailbreaking and unlocking process.

First check to ensure that there is an available unlock for the version of the iOS and baseband that you are using (Or a downgrade to a supported modern firmware). To do this, go to “Settings” then “General” and then select the “About iPhone” choice in the drop down menu.