The iPhone 3g is only available on AT&T in North America and selected carriers around the world. Unlocking can be done to remove the SIM card restriction so that the 3g iPhone works in other networks. To do this, one must first jailbreak the iPhone to allow the installation of unofficial software.

Hacking an iPhone used to be a difficult procedure left only to the computer geeks. However, present times have seen that the process is simplified with the emergence of a number of one or two-button programs.

When unlocking iPhone 3g, considerations should be given on both the software (iOS) and the hardware (baseband) version.

Steps to Unlock iPhone 3g

1) Install the latest version of iTunes and verify that the version is compatible with the latest version of the jailbreak tools. To do this, check the Dev-Team blog website.

2) Get a download bundle for the latest iOS version.

- From the internet, search “Download iOS for iPhone 3g”

- Select a reliable site and download the appropriate .ipsw file. Otherwise, obtain the file through the Apple iOS Developer Program.

- Save the file in a location of easy accessibility

3)Download the latest version of the Pwnage Tool. Have the torrent software installed to enable the download of necessary installation files.

- Open the Dev-Team blog site

- Click the “Pwnage Tool Info” link and follow the instructions given for downloading

- Launch the installation file and follow the heads-up.

4)Launch the Pwnage Tool.

- Select the 3g image and then click on the “Next” arrow

- Choose the ipsw bundle that you had specified. The software prods one to create an .ipsw bundle that will be used to jailbreak the iPhone.

- Follow the on-screen guidelines to put your device in the Device Firmware Recovery (DFU) mode.

5)To complete the jailbreak, open iTunes. ITunes will detect the iPhone’s DFU mode- click “Ok” to dismiss the popup.

- Go to the Device Menu. Hold the Option/ Alt Key and then click on “Restore”. The prompt to select the .ipsw file to restore from appears.

- Select the file you created with the Pwnage Tool. Note that the file name should end with “Custom_ Restore”. ITunes restore the iPhone 3g. Personal information can now be synchronized and the device backed up safely using iTunes.

6)Launch Cydia app on the iPhone and look for ultrasn0w.

- On Cydia home screen, click “Manage” and then select “Sources”

- Go to “Edit” choice and then choose the “Add” option

- Enter "" into the Cydia URL field then click “Add Source” button

- Once the URL is verified, return to the Cydia home screen and continue installing ultrasn0w.

7)Once the ultrasn0w completes the unlocking process, reboot the iPhone and the device is ready for use with any SIM card.

While unlocking the iPhone, there are chances of bricking the device. This can be dealt with by following the instructions closely and reading from the attempt of others who have tried the process before,