Jailbreaking involves modifying the iPhone so that it installs customized features and applications not available through Apple’s App Store. By jailbreaking, users get access to Apple’s Operating Systems and can alter them to add more applications.

While it is not illegal, jailbreaking violates the terms and conditions of Apple’s warranty. Customers are able to hack into their Apple devices customizing them without any restrictions.

There are pieces of software that automatically jailbreak iPhone 4. The programs work on all iDevices (iPhones, iPods and iPads) irrespective of the generation and are maintained by their owners who ensure that they are up-to date with the latest iOS versions and basebands.

How to Jailbreak iPhone 4

1)Power your device by pressing the top button found at the top-right corner of your gadget.

2)Go to the home screen and choose “Settings”

3)Scroll down the appearing options and click on the “General” option

4)Select “About”. A list of different versions for updating your device appears. If the version of the device is 4.0.1 or higher, skip the update.

5)Close the Settings app and connect your iPhone to iTunes

6)Backup all the applications and data on your iPhone. This ensures that you are able to retrieve your files in the case that something goes wrong during the process.

7)From the Safari app in the iPhone, go to the website that provides the modification software. A page is displayed.

8)Drag it from left to right with your finger. Safari will then download and install the application.

Jailbreaking of iPhone 4 can be through the use of any of the free modification software programs available online. The overall process entails downloading the program and following the step by step instructions. Any questions and clarifications can be forwarded to the customer care support center. Some software used in the jailbreaking process include:

iJailbreak Pro

Download and install the program. The entire process takes about 4 minutes after the ‘Start Button’ is clicked.

A bonus that comes with this software is the Unlocking the iPhone property. This allows the user to use any SIM card from any carrier or country.

Payment for the program can be done through PayPal and there is a 30 days money-back guarantee: no questions asked.

This program is easy to use with the customer support staff always ready to answer arising questions.

Apple Unlocker

The jailbreak process take about 15 minutes. Its instructions are easy to follow and the software functions as designated.

Some shortcomings of this software however are that the opinions given by their customer care staff are not always great considering also the lack of live support or phone number lines.

iJailbreak Tool

This product works just fine though the jailbreaking process can take an overwhelming period of up to 30 minutes. Some instructions appear confusing and although they have a good customer care service, their phone number to call appears in India.


Go to on your iPhone and directly download the jailbreak software directly to your device.