IPhones are one of the latest technology in the market making them very pricy to acquire. Luckily, there are some proven websites which have been tested, tried and certified to give free iPhones e.g. the Transcendent Innovations website. They offer gifts like the 32 GB iPhone 4S, 16 GB iPhone 4S, $490 cash, $580 Cash and $599 Apple Card.

Steps on How to get a free iPhone

i) Create an Account

Register at one of the free iPhone sites such as the Transcendent Innovations site. While doing so, use your real information on where you live and an active email address. Do not sign up more than once on the same freebie site and avoid the use of a public computer in case someone else signed up from there and you get accused of having multiple accounts.

ii) Complete an Offer

Try out an advertiser’s offer. There are several offers to choose form and although many skip this process fearing that the offers will be expensive, some offers are in fact totally free.

When choosing an offer it is paramount to understand that each offer can only be tried one time even for different freebie sites. Some offers include: costs about $14 for a 7 day trial it is a totally free trial

CellaDerm- costs about $9 for a 7 day trial

Bingo Offers- gives the possibility of cash-in out a lot if luck is on your side

Blockbuster- it is a trial costing less than $10

It is encouraged to use Internet Explorer since other browsers may not credit the account properly. Clear the cookies before making an offer to ensure you get credit for the offer and then you can temporarily allow cookies.

Read the Terms and Conditions keeping all the necessary details such as the offer you did and the confirmation email received from the company.

iii)Refer Some Friends

Have friends sign up using your referral link found by logging into your account at the freebie site. The different ways to getting your referrals include:

Incentives- Pay your friends $10 each or offer a beer to get them going. You can basically also help them cover their expenses depending on the offer they choose.

Email Signatures- In the absence of a blog, let friends know of these freebie websites by using email signatures. Add a sentence or two at the end of every email and let it have your referral link.

Blogs- With many followers, a blog is a very successful way of getting friends to sign up in the free iPhone websites.

Real Life- Advertise your referral link on your front door, the school desk or even a notice boars in the street.

Online- Make your link known on public chatrooms and forums. Be careful to always read the rules of such websites first.

iv) Receive the Reward

This is the last and probably the most embraced part of this whole process. When you are awarded an iPhone, be sure it will be available in your mail within one or two weeks.