Apple iPhones are known for their sleek design and extensible operating system. Their new iPhones often come as SIM-locked to a specific carrier such as AT&T, Verizon or T-Mobile. Under such a condition, the iPhone can only work with a SIM card that has been provided by the carrier. This is challenging especially where one visits countries where using the local phone numbers are cheaper.

Unlocking an iPhone is perfectly legal giving that you own the iPhone outright and have settled any outstanding contract. Some carriers will still unlock the iPhone for you even when under a contract although at a small charge at first.

Reasons to unlock an iPhone

a) No contracts as a Mandatory

An unlocked iPhone allows one to embrace a shorter-term plan and use pre-paid GSM services. This is a bye to the recurrent monthly service and data plan costs and international data packages charges that more often than not squeeze too much from the wallet.

b) Makes the iPhone preferred for travelling business users

With its many features, an iPhone when unlock is a bait no traveler can ignore. Simply put, they can use cheaper SIMs rates while in the foreign countries and still enjoy all the advantages of the iPhone.

c) No more hacks

Before third-party software hacks were used in unlocking the iPhones. These software had no guarantee of sticking around until or when Apple released a new update. Having the unlocking option made open and legal reduces such cases as clients can sought the carrier companies for help.

d) Switch Carriers

Since one is not tied down by a contract, they are flexible enough to move to a new carrier that they find cheaper or more suited to their needs. Different SIMs can be used in the same iPhone.

Steps to unlock an iPhone

1) Find a company online that can sell you the unlocking codes for your iPhone at a fee. Such companies dodge current limits by carrying out their operations in countries not under the US law.

2) Research more on your choice company before making any payments always being cautious of potential scams. Check on users reviews and ask around in phone enthusiastic forums.

3) Retrieve your iPhone’s IMEI code.

- Dial *#06# to display your IMEI code

- The IMEI is printed on the SIM card tray of iPhone 3G, 3GS, 4 and 4S

- In iPhone 5, the code is engraved on the back near the bottom

- In iTunes, click on your connected iPhone. The IMEI code will be displayed in the Summary window beneath the iPhone’s storage capacity.

4) Pay for the service. Confirm that correct information about your device has been entered in order to get a code that works for your iPhone.

5) On receiving information that your iPhone has been unlocked. Insert the new SIM-card.

For a jailbroken iPhone, open Settings, then General and select Reset. Choose the Reset Network Settings and then restart your iPhone.

If asked to activate your iPhone, you can do this directly from the iPhone over a Wi-Fi connection or through iTunes when the iPhone is connected to the computer.