Growth stock mutual fund rates

Just as the name implies, growth mutual fund is a mutual fund, which is oriented towards growth of the invested money. This mutual fund, instead of paying dividend out to shareholders, the dividend is reinvested to support an expanding development or operation of services or new product. Most managers have the main aim of picking stock, which have a potential of continued earning and also sale of the growth with the aim of driving the stock price higher.

The following include some of the best performing growth stock mutual funds and their rates


This mutual funds invest in companies without paying keen interest in their market capitalization. They use a maximum of 25% of their assets in utilization of short sale transaction. A certain portion of this money is invested in money market instrument. At times, they purchase domestic trading companies, most of these companies are usually witnessing a mediocre growth but they achieve a high dividend yield. This mutual fund has achieved a three year annualized return of 18.55%. This fund has a minimum initial investment of $250. Its expense ratio is 1.43% which is slightly higher compared to the category average which is at 1.22%.

PrimeCap Odyssye Growth

This fund invest in common stocks of domestic companies. A special preference is given to the ability of this fund to return an average growth rate, which is above the market average. This fund focuses on investing in both large and mid-cap companies. This fund also invests in stocks, which are issued by large cap firm. This fund has maintained a three year annualized return rate of 18.53%. The minimum initial investment of this fund is $200 and this fund has an expense ratio of 0.67%. This is slightly lower than the average for the category, which is at 1.23%.

Vanguard Capital Opportunity Investor

This fund seeks a capital growth on a long-term basis. This fund usually invests in domestic securities with substantial earnings growth potential. This company also invests in securities of companies regardless of their size. Stocks, which are selected, are usually expected to provide a return, which is greater than the average for the market over a three or five year period. This fund has maintained a three-year growth of 15.95% per year.

Pionner Discipline Growth

This fund seeks a capital growth on a long-term basis. This fund invests in securities, which are issued by domestic companies. This includes exchange-traded funds and real estate investment trust. This fund invests at least 10 of its assets in securities, which are issued by non-domestic companies. This company has a three year annualized growth return of 19.58%

The above include some of the top growth stock mutual fund and their rate of return.