Gates Foundation Scholarship:

Bill Gates, being the richest man in the whole world is known to reach this high-position of being the co-owner of the biggest software company of Microsoft. The gentleman had the traits of being an entrepreneur from his birth times, seeing his father as the owner of a large business empire, with his mother managing the family. The family consisting of parents, Bill and Mellinda Gates manage their whole family consisting of two daughters, who are considered as a blessing for the family and this son Bill Gates, who is the co-owner of Microsoft. Their donations to charity sake, priced to be the highest of their times. They do not hold back their incomes and are known to pay their taxes to the full amount that is ordered by the state. They also run foundation scholarships for all those who are unfortunate to not be able to afford the common things in life. The children of such low-earning parents feel empowered studying with the Gates Foundation Scholarship that enables them to attend their schools and colleges, as regular students. The provisions of this scholarship tend to diminish the gap between the haves and have-nots where even those who do not possesses the required money are being made to attend classes, as the rich those who pay for it, do.

The Gates Foundation Scholarship that provides for educating all, leads the entire world in charities made for the young those who deserve the natural right of education by basic schools and colleges. Such children are taken care of by this Foundation which derives its expenses from the biggest software company in the world. The huge plethora of blessings thus derived are responsible for keeping the organization running to its full potential. The company is even able to pay in all its taxes to the state, in full, and holds no grievance against them all. This is derived to be the reason of the company’s and thus the entire family’s success. The blessings gained by such Noble deeds are no less than the donations made to these charities by the huge organizations. It supports their living and educational expenses fully and is largely responsible for the education available freely, which is the basic birth-right of every child that is born in the universe. All such children who come from poor families, where the family only dreams of having huge lunches and brunches, or of educating their children well, can send their children to the foundation, where they guarantee full- education and that too free of cost is a blessing for the entire family of those who are poor. And such poor families always cherish this blessing that they righteously deserved. Such an education coming free of cost is righteously deserved by all the poor children of the world. Such poor who get this blessing, highly thank the Almighty for this blessing that they received. All this then adds to the good fortunes of the Gate’s family to keep it up and going. All the rich and high-class are hence encouraged to donate to such foundations.