Free Web Hosting With Cpanel

While shopping for a new web host company, you must make sure that your web host is offering free web hosting services with cpanel. This might not seem relevant to you at the start, but it is critical since it offers some significant advantages that help the user to create and maintain their internet empire. Many of the companies offering free web hosting services include cpanel in their services. It shows that it is not stressing to find a company offering both packages.

The reason you should seek for a web host offering free web hosting services with cpanel is because the Cpanel permits you to track the visitors that are reading your site. The tracking is dome via a program known as AWStats. With this program, you are in a position to check the number of visitors, hits, the duration of visit and the daily bandwidth being used. The AWStats helps website owners know how much traffic they are receiving on a regular basis. Besides the same program lets, you know how frequent search engines and spider are accessing your site. Besides you are capable of knowing how much traffic you’re receiving on a daily basis.Awstats also tells you the type of keywords a specific visitor used to reach your website from search engines, together with the outside link used to access your site.

Based on your domain the cpanel will let you create email addresses. This is critical as it reflects your professionalism in the field. It sounds and even looks unusual if you can’t create an email dress like Yahoo, Hotmail or even Gmail while all these are free services.

The most amazing and outstanding feature of cpanel is Fantastico. Fantastico is just a database of scripts. With the cpanel feature, you can install scripts easily and automatically on your website, which is possible with just a few mouse clicks. Wordpress is one of the scripts you can use. The script was mainly created to be used as a blog. However, many users use WordPress for complete fledged sites. Wordpress is one of the famous software for building websites, and it is available for free. The other tools in the cpanel feature are other scripts that allow you to create forums, e-commerce sites, polls and many others.

If you are planning to create and present your website online, you should do enough research to find the best web host. Many companies have been founded, and not all people you meet can be trusted. Remember this is a business and ever salesperson is working hard to get more buyers.

So, when it comes to making your final decision of the web hosting company to work with, there are plenty of aspects to consider. I suppose even though you might be doing this for fun, you are also looking for more skilled persons to learn from. Whatever choice you make depends on your budget and website plan. And a wise decision will be of much help to you.