Free Web Hosting And Domain Name

Whether you want to get a free Domain name and web hosting, or you need to pay for the services, there is a process you need to follow. The process helps you to get a domain name, the one you are the web hosting together with other things.

The first step is to visit a domain name registrar.A registrar company is an organization that helps you to get a domain name and then do web hosting for you. There are many registrars, so you must choose wisely while doing your research to find out which company will work for you best. You can go to a registrar company of your choice, as long as you are comfortable with their services. Free web hosting and domain name registrars are many, and they are competing for customers, so you have consider a company with plenty of storage space, good customer support, perfect bandwidth and many other related factors. Don’t just go to any company just because you hear that they are giving free services; remember most of the free things have something to be paid in return even if it is not money.

Choose your web host

I suppose you are looking for a series that allows you to get an unlimited domain name, 24-hour customer support, cpanel and, in that case, one of the most popular control panel. You still need a one click installation services to make you easier the process of installing your favorite scripts. As soon as you find a web host offering what you desire, follow the guidelines they will give you or just use the sigh up button provided.

About the free domain name and web hosting, you don’t need to worry muck. Most of the web hosts offer free domain name. And it is possible to change the name and have it refer to the domain name you had previously. You can also inform your free domain name and web hosting host that you already have a domain, and they can allow you to use the existing name.

After you have registered with your web host and completed any other required step, you are sent an email. Most people don’t see then need for keeping this email, but we always advise you to retain this email. In most cases, you could get tow such emails. One will be having the detail about your web host, for instance, who you can reach when you have immediate issues to solve, the number to call for support services and instructions if any.

The next email mainly has your DNs. It is the address you should give your domain name so that it can be made available to the web host server. You need to keep an eye on the instructions provided in the email. Meaning that these two emails are crucial, and you must put them in an online file or even print them in an offline file.

To get the best web host offering free web hosting and domain name, you can research online. You will find customer reviews and other factors to help you while making your choice.