Free Domain Name Registration And Free Web Hosting

Web marketing is a complex practice and as a result of this, it needs a lot of money and sacrifices as well. But if you want to keep the cost of doing internet marketing you can find free domain name registration and free web hosting by following a very smooth process. If you are not lucky enough, and you meet the wrong registrar and web host, your marketing goal might be put at risk.

The reason we say that web marketing is expensive and sometimes challenging is because of the many processes involved. You are required to seek domain registration services, web hosting, keyword research, advertising services, landing web pages design, social media control, site protection, email promotion, content management and many others. Moreover each one of the above processes needs you to have skills and time, but in case you don’t have both, you can consider hiring an expert to do the job for you. The process of getting your domain name being registered is not complicated in web marketing since it is done through ICANN which are certified registrars.

The minimum time of registering the domain name is 12 months, and you can choose to register your domain name for either 2 or 3 years and above. When the date for your domain to expire is near, you are supposed to renew, or you end up losing it. It is also your decision if you wish to sell or transfer the domain to anyone else i.e. domain flipping. Domain flipping is a business, and some people take it as a full-time job and if it makes them enough income they might stick to this business.

So when you are taking advantage of the free domain registration and free web hosting services, you should take extra precaution. The reason is that there are many offering these free services, but the services are not free. Getting a sub-domain is not comparable to a free top level domain (TLD).The subdomain will never gain the features of the TLD and sometimes not good at all. Free web hosting and domain registration has some limitation that is not wise for a serious online business operator. However, sometimes they can be the best option.

Getting these free web promotion services is not a hard task today. Many web hosts are offering free web hosting and with domain registration. To find a reputable web host you have to do enough investigation, if you don’t wish to ruin your marketing dreams. You can do online research to find some of the best web hosting companies offering such services for free. Before choosing the best agency to for free web hosting, find their online review and contact some of the clients they have been serving and ask them about the company.

If you are not ready to take the risks associated with free web hosting, you better pay for domain registration and web hosting. This is the only way you are promised quality and efficient services.