Free Domain Name And Web Hosting

In this article you are going to discover the pitfalls to evade when searching for a free domain name and web hosting services.

Anytime you are given a chance to access a free service the first question to ask yourself is’ what could be the catch?

When it comes to domain name and web hosting be prepared to hear of the term ‘free’. However the fact is that there is nothing offered freely without valid reasons. While you might find the free domain name and web hosting a good deal for you, you must be assured that you will be paying something in one way or the other. Now, let us look at the free web domain and web hosting service valid to consider.

Some web hosting company’s permit those who wish to present their websites online to build small sites without having to pay for the initial costs and recurring charges linked with web hosting and domain name services. You might see this as a very good chance for you to market your growing business and get more traffic and make huge profits. Yes, it is a good opportunity for those wishing to present their websites online, but with no need to get attentions or without the target to make more sales.

Before involving yourself in any free things you should first way the advantages and disadvantages which you might get involved with in the future. This way you will be protecting your business as well as your consumers. One thing you must agree with is that web host companies offering free services do not give you full ownership of the domain name and web hosting responsibilities. You are only given a subdomain that looks like the real domain name, but the reality is the web host company owns your domain name.

Subdomain mains do not look profession, and they may be good for sites meant for hobby. So, if you are thinking of making money via your website you need to display a professional looking website with trustworthy images and information. You should expect to see ads placed all over your site and you have nothing to say about it. The ads do not even earn you anything because all the cash generated from the ads goes right to your web host company.

Do more research and you will find that the free web host companies know how to limit your space disc and the bandwidth severely. This means that if your site gets a lot of fame and more traffic you might end up losing the website. Your site could be shut down even without getting any notification and the reasons that lead to such actions. You will get all the fame you wished for, but you might see all your hard work disappear within a minute and having no one to complain to.

These free websites tend to go down without notices and the web hosts have no hurry to correct the problems. Forget the free domain name and web hosting services if you aim is to make profit, but if you are doing it as a hobby, this is the best way to get public attention without paying for the costs.