Free Domain And Web Hosting

We know when you are creating a new website you could be thinking that a free domain name may seem like the best option. When we talk about free domain name we are not talking of the free domain name you get after paying for web hosting, but free domain name with free web hosting services. There are some advantages of depending on such free services, but you must also weigh out the disadvantages. Read this article to learn some reasons you may not need a free domain name and free web hosting services.

Among all the problems associated with the free domain name from a free host is that they appear unprofessional. When you make your decision to obtain a free domain name and free hosting services the web host makes you use their front ends subdomain. For example if the name of your site is ‘Market’, it will appear like this ‘’. This type of domain name you are using is familiar to every reader that, you are using free services. You can be okay with it, but remember that some of the users may lose confidence in your abilities, just because of the free domain name. The other thing is that a free domain name like this one does not look excellent on your business card. However, if you are getting the free domain name with free web hosting for creating a practice website or for a hobby, it can be best alternative.

The other reason you don’t require to get a free domain name and web hosting services for business marketing could be because you are not capable of selling your domain when your site starts to acquire traffic. The fact is that you will stick with that free domain name since you are not the real owner, your web host owns it. You will be forced to divert traffic from that website to the newly created site. When it comes to traffic, you must have a particular amount of visitor going to that specific site or else your services will be annulled. Since most of the web hosting companies offering free domain name and web hosting services run ads on their clients sites to make up for the free services, they are more ready to give anyone else your server space in case they are not comfortable with you.

When you are joining free domain names and web hosting services, be sure that most of the hosts force their clients to join their forums. You will be asked to join, log and contribute positively towards their forums. The comments should be seen at least one in every week or your services will be stopped. So, unless you like contribution in forums, you might not have another choice.

We are not saying that using free domain and free web hosting services in not good, however if you are undertaking it for financial gains, you better find another option. On the other hand, free domain names and web hosting services for free are the best alternative if you are starting a website for a hobby, or you are building sites for practice.