Fast Chicken Recipes

If you are very tight on time and crave for doing quick chicken recipes to impress your loved ones, here is a solution. Try one of these awesome fast chicken recipes for your dinner or lunch. You can read the list of easy to do salads with fresh chicken, soups, sandwiches and pastas. All of them take only 30 minutes or less depending upon your speed of cooking. In reality, chicken is the most sought after recipe, it has great protein content, and it can be cooked in a variety of flavors. Only precaution is you have choose a good chicken for a perfect taste. Below are some of the best and easy to make fast chicken recipes list.

  • Salty and sweet chicken salad
  • Roasted chicken chimichangas
  • Pulled chicken sandwiches
  • Chicken breast with herbs
  • Lemon ginger chicken thighs
  • Chicken with apricots
  • Chicken enchilada wraps
  • Easy chicken jambalaya
  • Jerk chicken with avocado orange salsa
  • Smoked chicken
  • Buffalo chicken cob
  • Balsamic tender chicken
  • Tangy chicken salad
  • Chicken squash
  • Cinnamon roasted chicken
  • Chicken and pasta with peanut sauce
  • Saucy BBQ chicken
  • Soba noodle bowl chicken
  • Chicken noodle soup
  • Chicken with capers
  • Greek style chicken
  • Pan-fried chicken with tomato sauce
  • Green chicken salad
  • Pasta stackup with chicken sausage
  • Mediterranean chicken and polenta
  • Pecan-crusted chicken thighs with grapes
  • Jerk chicken and slaw
  • Almond crusted chicken
  • Creamy ranch chicken
  • Papaya and coconut chicken salad
  • Feta-stuffed chicken breasts
  • Sweet and sour chicken
  • Apart from the above list chicken and cashews, chicken puttanesca, easy bistro chicken, chicken tetrazzini, healthy chicken shawarma, chicken mushroom recipe, chicken penne Florentine, chicken strips with blue cheese and chicken fresh pea salad are also easy and can be made quickly and can serve as fast chicken recipes.

    General Tips for a perfect chicken recipe

    A small tip if you are making a rotisserie chicken is that spring ingredients like peas (sugar snap) and fingerling potatoes transform the recipe into fine meal (more pretty and one-dish) and is suited well for some nice seasoning. You have to serve it warm and hot at perfect room temperature or even at chilled in order to get a maximum and better versatility. Do not forget to remember that your left over chicken can make satisfying and easy lunch to be enjoyed with your family members thus making your job easier. As you all know that sugar snap peas is always a favorite during springtime. However, to make it special all over the year you need to look out for six ounces package of good and fresh peas. In addition, put only a little salt while marinating and add more while you cook it, as it will yield better results and great taste.

    The chicken stalk and juice are good for health and can be consume during anytime of the day. There is a common misconception that chicken generates more heat problems in the body. However, if the chicken recipe taken with perfect side dishes and cooling salads and ingredients, for sure you can break this misconception.