Falkland oil and gas share price

FOGL is wholly funded to drill three additional wells even after spending the estimated $35m (£21.9m) on seismic research in 2013.

There is absolutely oil in the area. Rockhopper has made significant discoveries and Premier Oil has been farmed in to assist with the next phase of development of Rockhopper’s discovery.

Investing in the oil and gas zone makes sense for all kinds of investors in a sum of ways. The prices of crude oil in the global market are rising, there is a finite supply of relic fuel in the world with an endless demand, and oil and gas exploration technology has higher to the point where micro seismology is being used to find out new oil fields. If there is an perfect time to invest in the oil and gas division, it is now.

Besides its many applications as a fuel, oil can be use in the plastic industry and as a lubricant. Natural gas also has some applications counting its use in chemical fertilizers and in the formation of electricity. People looking to invest short term as well as long term investments can advantage very much from investing in the gas and oil sector, and there are numerous ways in which any an investment can be made.

You can invest in gas and oil as a product. If you do this so, you ought to hold onto the commodity until it reach a price when you can sell it. Probability is that you will earn a good profit in such an investment but it will not give you with a reliable stream of passive income.

You can purchase shares of big cap and/or small cap oil and gas Exploration Company. Whilst these shares are expensive and the investment is comparatively safe, you will still need to keep an eye on stock market tendency and face the danger of stock value going down.

The safest way to invest money in the oil and gas sector is to invest in a confidentially held oil and gas exploration company. This type of companies typically perform large and small scale survey, decide areas where fossil fuel reservoir may be situated, and drill many wells on a single field upon achievement. As soon as a well begins production, you begin receiving a stable income. You don’t have to wait for many years for your investment to give fruit. The well might produce for up to 3 decades and during always you keep receiving a large return on your investment.

One greater thing about this kind of investment is that you acquire a return on your investment for as long the well is working, so if you’re looking for a diverse portfolio with numerous channels of inert income, you should appear into investing in the oil and gas sector.

Falkland Oil & Gas (FOGL) a privately owned oil and gas exploration and growth company that works in FALKLAND The company uses superior exploration technology and large data to spot deep seated reservoirs, has an inspiring success rate when it come to drilling, and present investors with complete details and financial reports so that they can make well informed and educated decisions.