Emergency ac repair

Air conditioners are systems that help us keep cool even when the weather outside is really hot especially during summer. Unfortunately the AC can break down when you need it most. It can therefore be quite an unpleasant experience when it breaks down in soaring heat. Since the invention of air conditioners many companies have come up offering different deals and prices for units. These companies also offer repair and maintenance service which is a great way to ensure that your unit gets quality service. The best service that has recently come up is the emergency repair ac offer by a few companies. This is a great offer since they understand that your AC can break down any time and when you least expect it. The first thing to do when your AC breaks down is to call a repair service company that offers emergency repair and that is near you. The company will then send the nearest technician to your area anytime within an hour or less he should have arrived.

The technician will carry an emergency repair toolkit and he will do an initial diagnosis of your system. He will check on the parts outside to determine if it is any problem with the switch and the thermostat. Once he determines that this is the problem he will rectify it and give you a quotation then you can get back to enjoying your AC. However if this is not the problem he might have to take the unit to go and fix it. He will check for the pressure using a PSI and if the pressure is too high it means that the system is clogged or a valve is jammed. He will unclog the block and fix the valve or it may have to be replaced. If the pressure is too low the system it could be due to a low level of refrigerant, leakage and a faulty compressor. He will then recharge the system with enough refrigerant as specified by the manufacturer and will rectify the problem of low refrigerant. If it is a leak he will have to determine the source of the leak in order to fix it. The refrigerant when it comes into contact with moisture it becomes corrosive and it could eat away at the parts and then damage the compressor. Using a special dye and backlight the technician will look for the leak and fix it and then recharge the system to the correct level. If the damage during the leakage is too much he may recommend the replacing of damaged parts. Most repair companies have stocked parts of the AC so it will not be hard to find a replacement. Then the technician will replace the parts and the system will start running smoothly. If the problem is the compressor if it can be fixed he will fix it but if it cannot he will recommend replacement so that your system can get back to normal. He will also be able to identify any other problems and fix them and return the system to you as soon as possible. You can rely on this emergency repair companies to come to your house any time in the shortest time possible to fix your system.