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In the year 2004, creator of Facebook named Mark Zuckerberg a CS Scholar of Harvard University. This has brought several Positive impacts to the students & business men. People have found facebook more beneficial that other social network on the web, and this has brought several positive impacts & new development in the computing situation.

Mark Zuckerberg, complete name Mark Elliot Zuckerberg was born in May, 14th, 1984 is an American computer programmer & Internet businessperson, who is best known as founder & CEO of the most common social networking site Facebook. His individual wealth is estimated to be $34.2 billion. Mark has been selected the youngest billionaire in the sphere. Even a movie named "The Social Network" has been released in 2010 in which the increase of Facebook is portrayed & Jesse Eisenberg has been playing the role of "Mark Zuckerberg". 

Only his close friends & business partners know his actual email address, but for a moment it in seen like Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg had by chance revealed his personal email address thru his performance on Wednesday.

As Zuckerberg demonstrated a screen that lets users to choose which parts of their profiles they share with apps, an email address was obviously visible:

Together with his college colleagues and fellow Harvard University scholars Andrew Mccollum, Dustin Moskovitz, Chris Hughes & Eduardo Saverin, Mark dispatched Facebook from Harvard's house rooms. The gathering then accessible Facebook onto different grounds thru the nation and moved to Palo Alto, California currently thereafter. In 2007, at 23 years old, Mark turned into a very rich person as a matter of Facebook's wealth. The quantity of Facebook customers overall arrived at a collective of one billion in 2012. The Imprint was included in different legal debates that were launched by others in the collecting, who guaranteed an offer of the group based upon their association amid the development period of Facebook. Since 2010, Time journal has named Zuckerberg between the 100 wealthiest and maximum persuasive persons on the planet.

 The corporation "Facebook" has a footprint in 25 nations, and the site is accessible in more than 70 languages. In October, Zuckerberg goes to China, where Facebook is barred wowing fans there by speaking in flowing Chinese.

2 years ago, on May 19, 2012, Mark tied the bond with his college love, Priscilla Chan. The wedding was a wonder for all of the guests, who believed they were attending a medical school graduation event for Chan. The couple met in line for the restroom at a frat party 11 years ago. Currently Chan has been called the "first lady" of Facebook, and the pair has been very generous with their fortune.

If you have $100 to unused, you could openly inbox him in facebook. Send Mark Zuckerberg A Message for $100 A cheaper method would be to message him over his Quora profile. Mark Zuckerberg

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