Easy Chicken Parmesan Recipe

Chicken Parmesan recipe is easy to do and it does not require frying any bread or cutlets to make this easy chicken parmesan recipe. If you try to bake the chicken with a spaghetti sauce, it will infuse the chicken with awesome flavor and will cut down more time on the preparation. If you are using chicken breasts that are larger, then cutting them in lengthwise direction and half of it will ensure a perfect cooking style. As a substitute, you can favor spaghetti over your most liked pasta. You can also use a mozzarella cheese that is fully skimmed. You can serve up to six servings.

You can also serve it with spaghetti that is hotly cooked. You can enjoy the complete flavor of the chicken without having to turning it golden brown. If you are conscious about your health and do not want to fry the chicken, you can very well bake it to enjoy the recipe in its classical form and eat it right. The total preparation time is about 10 minutes and the cooking time is about 34 minutes. Below are the ingredients list, preparation method, general tips and nutrition information.

Easy chicken parmesan is a chicken recipe that is top rated and it is a satisfying and delicious family meal, which goes well with a fantastic salad and spaghetti. It is baked, browned and breaded with awesome mozzarella cheese and spaghetti sauce. All you need to take care is to pound the chicken breast (boneless and skinless) into a thickness that is half inch.

Ingredients List

Half cup of milk and one whole egg

Breadcrumbs that are seasoned well

Olive oil - two to three tablespoons

Mozzarella cheese - 8 complete slices

Spaghetti sauce - 1 jar

Cheese (Parmesan)

Preparation Method

Whisk the milk and egg together. Slowly dip the breasts of chicken in the egg and milk mixture and then soak them in the breadcrumbs. Heat up the olive oil in a skillet that is large and heat it up on a medium heat. Flip both the sides of the chicken breasts and fry them deep in the hot oil until they become golden brown. This should be done for about three to four minutes on both the sides of the chicken breasts. Now set aside the chicken breast in a perfect dish used for baking. Quickly slice about eight pieces of cheese (mozzarella) and keep two of them on each of the chicken breast that is nicely cooked. You can pour your favorite type of spaghetti sauce over it and enjoy the taste. If you need, you can sprinkle little parmesan cheese and if you wish, you can put on a little mozzarella. Now bake it at about 350 degree Fahrenheit and allow it to cook for about 30 to 35 minutes. It should be bubbly. You can serve this dish with an awesome green salad, garlic bread or even with spaghetti.

General Tips

Each serving has about 510 calories in it. It has a total fat of about 13 grams, saturated fat of about 6 grams, cholesterol of about 90 mg, sodium of about 870 mg, and carbohydrate of about 54 grams, sugar of about 8 grams and at last protein of about 43 grams.