Does The Growing Influence Of Local Parties In India Affects Country’s Integrity?

Indian constitution has provided multi party system. Therefore many political parties have been getting recognition by election commission. In the beginning of independence days Congress and Communist parties only were existing with a few regional political parties. But as the time passes the importance of national parties is decreasing and of regional parties increasing. Though increase of regional political parties is not against the spirit of democracy, many problems are arising. Regional parties, because of their narrow views, are posing a threat to the country’s integrity. This trend is being followed by DMK, MDMK, Shiromani Akali Dal, MNS and Jammu and Kashmir Peoples’ Democratic Party etc.

DMK (Tamilnadu) is based on Dravidian Aryan Theory and Anti-Hindi movement. Shiromani Akali Dal is a leading political party in Punjab. It is also making efforts for Sikhism and saying religion and politics should work together. In the Kashmir also, Jammu and Kashmir Peoples’ Democratic Party is trying to get autonomous status for the state of Kashmir. MIM party is also working on religious lines leading to severe emotional conditions. Similarly, in Kerala, Indian Muslim league is also working. In Maharashtra, MNS is working on regional basis. Trunamul Congress in West Bengal is acting firmly against intruders because of their political needs. Similarly the other regional political parties like TRS, TDP, MDMK, Assam Gana Parishad etc. are working.

Though, these regional political parties are in groups form government in the centre. They are not ruling with broadminded views and are acting only on narrow range. Because of this regional imbalances are created leading economic non development and leading to several problems. Regional parties sometimes are working against the constitution and law for their own benefits. Because of this, in other regions, people are losing faith in the constitution and law. For the last 60 years because of the narrow views of the regional political parties causing damage to public life and economic loss. People in the same region are living with a feeling of insecurity because of these regional parties.

For the last 2 decades because of political instability at centre, these small regional political parties are influencing the central government and achieving undue political demands. These regional parties are also achieving the release of hardcore criminals for their personal political benefits which will in turn make the soldiers to lose their spirit. National parties are also responsible for these conditions. National parties are encouraging the regional political parties for their own needs. These things are dangerous to the democratic values. Keeping in view the welfare of country, these regional parties should work together. Otherwise, their personal narrow political views are dangerous to the welfare of the country.