Does Mark Zuckerberg have Autism

I think in the movie 'The Social Network' it is certainly easy to believe Mark has high operative autism. He displays compulsive behavior towards a specific subject and he is extremely socially awkward. I cannot mention on the real Mark Zuckerberg. The film poetryal surely leads me to believe he is advanced up the autistic spectrum than the overall population.

There have been numerous recent clarifications stating that Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook might have Asperger's Syndrome.  Speaking as somebody with Asperger's, and the parent of someone with Asperger's, I can be certain that Zuckerberg does not have Asperger's.

The native people think Zuckerberg has Asperger's is as he demonstrates several of the main symptoms. Mostly because he doesn't think the way maximum people do, and he doesn't seem to recognize that other people don't think the method he does. In an Aspie (somebody with Asperger's) this often leads to them accidentally causing discomfort and harm to further people.

We have to actually appreciate what Facebook has allowed us to do over the previous few years. The reach that persons can connect with others is so influential. Facebook has allowed me to find this page for free and gave us a tool for nearly 75,000 people to share consciousness and understanding across the sphere. I started this page two & half years ago to share the power points I had industrialized over the years (those slide presentations in the "photo" unit of the page). I figured I might attach with a few hundred people who might advantage from the material. Not being an actual user of Facebook, I did not recognize the scope of reach this page would have.

Mark Zuckerberg has given us the medium for increasing knowledge and consciousness to areas of the world where info and therapies are either out of reach or too costly for people to get. We have grown to 75,000 people in just a few years. I had never intended how large this page would become, or the concern I now have to keep this page. Being in my 60s it is time for me to share the information I have accumulated over the previous 35 years. Freely and fervently to whomever is involved and willing to share their information and experiences.

As you get older, you understand knowledge is only as good as it is spread to as numerous people as possible. It doesn't matter how much information I have, since I am only one being. It is really much more significant to share that information so numerous more persons can gain greater knowledge, consciousness and understanding. It only makes sense, since individually can only touch the lives of a limited amount of children. By helping others become more familiar, we can touch the lives of thousands of further children. With what Facebook is giving us, this limit is currently endless. When I was younger it was around becoming the finest clinician I could be. But currently I know that it is not about how capable I can be, but how capable I can help numerous more others to become.