Cost of a new boiler

Are you looking to purchase a boiler and wondering on the cost of a new boiler? I am not surprised! Many people are, including establishments such as hotels and increasingly home owners, are opting for this traditional heating device. With many homes going green in the 21st century, the use of age old boilers has increased over the years. Many homes owners now prefer to install boilers for instead of the conventional water heaters for purposes of conserving energy. Boilers are believed to be way cheaper than electrical heaters.

Although boilers have not changed much since the 15 century when they were first made, advancement in technology has made them more user-friendly. Boilers have been designed efficiently are can now burn steam using renewable sources of energy. Hence the increase in demand.

However installing a boiler is not cheap, whether you are buying for the first time or replacing an old one. In the United Kingdom where boilers are widely used, the estimated cost of installing a boiler ranges from 600 pounds to 2500 pounds depending on the size, design and terms and conditions of installation.

Here are a few points cited on that you can consider when contemplating the cost of a new boiler.

Type of boiler

Like any other device, boilers vary in size, shape and functionality. Home boilers are expected to be much cheaper for example than boilers for factories and hotels. A small home boiler will cost about 200 pound and up to 5000 pounds for big ones.

Number of thermostats and programmers

Boilers use thermos stats to keep the steam at required temperatures until they are ready for use. This temperature is usually above 150 degrees. A big boiler with more functionality will require more thermo stats than one. A thermostat may go for about $50 or more depending on the type.


Radiators are key essential in a boiler. Bigger, more advanced boilers use more radiators, to keep up with the steam production supply.

Does the system require power-flush

Some boilers use electrical power, but limited portions of it .Some despite using gas, some boilers require a power-flush to start them up. So electrical connection will depend on the type of boiler you are purchasing.

Magnetic filtration system

Some boilers require this, others do not. It is important to seek the help of a professional to advice whether yours needs one or not. Magnetic filtration system goes a long in keeping the entire system together, especially for big boilers.


I do not know about other states but in Europe the United Kingdom government wards grants to home owners who would like to install boilers or replace old boilers in their homes. Initiated this year, the Green deal home improvement Fund subsidizes costs of purchasing and installing boilers for residents in Wales and London. Valued at over 100 million pounds, the fund is set to improve efficiency in energy production in United Kingdom homes in a bid to go green.

So,before cashing in on that boiler you can consider the above named aspects, hopefully they will be the reason you make the right choice.