Chicken Wraps Recipe

Nicely cooked chicken wraps is the best choice for a perfect dinner. You can easily consume a shredded and grilled (tossed) chicken with a mayonnaise (tangy one) that is wrapped up in a flat bread with shredded pickles and cabbage. This chicken wraps recipe would hardly take about thirty to thirty five minutes to cook and serve. Please follow the below ingredients list and preparation method for better results.

Ingredients List

  • Canola Mayonnaise - half cup
  • Vinegar (white wine) to be divided and taken in three tablespoons
  • Divided black pepper - 2 (half teaspoons)
  • 1/4 teaspoon salt (Kosher) and should be divided
  • Lemon juice (fresh) - 1 teaspoon
  • One full cup of cabbage (to be shredded)
  • Butter and bread pickle juice (2 teaspoons)
  • 6 ounces or two full chicken breasts that is completely boneless and skinless
  • A perfect cooking spray
  • Sandwich wraps (light flat bread) - 4 numbers
  • Butter pickles and cut bread (sandwich type - 4)

    Preparation Method

    Since the chicken wraps recipe is going to be grilled, preheat a grill and keep it in a heat that is medium. Mix well vinegar (2 tablespoons), salt (1/8 teaspoon), black pepper (2 teaspoons) and a little lemon juice in a perfect shaped bowl that is of medium size. Stir this mixture well. Now you have to combine vinegar (1 tablespoon), pickle juice and cabbage in a bowl that is of medium size. Gently sprinkle the chicken along with half teaspoon of black pepper. Do not forget to add salt of 1/8 teaspoon as well. Now place the chicken on the rack of the grill that is coated nicely with a perfect cooking spray and allow it to grill for about five to six minutes on the chicken's each side or until it is completely cooked. Cool it and completely shred the chicken. Now combine the mayonnaise and the chicken in a bowl that is of medium size and toss to coat the chicken well. Now place flat bread on all the four plates and divide the mixture of chicken very evenly on all flat breads. You can do the toppings now with about 1/4 cup of cabbage mixture and about one small pickle and roll it up. Finally cut each of the wrap in a half-diagonal angle. Serve hot with a perfect sauce.

    General Tips

    You can use any preferred flavor (Cheese spread) of your choice and also tortillas to do the wrapping for this chicken wraps recipe. You can also serve the extra spread with finely chopped vegetables and can use this as a fantastic side dish. The nutritional information is as follows:

    Total calories are about 288. The fat content is about 12.6 grams, saturated fat is about 0.2 grams, monounsaturated fat is about 7.2 grams, polyunsaturated fat is about 3.2 grams, protein is about 24.3 grams, carbohydrate is about 24.4 grams, fiber is about 10.1 grams, cholesterol is about 37 mg, iron content is about 0.7 mg, sodium is about 802 mg and finally calcium is about 37 mg.