Cheap laptops for sale under $ 100

Dell= $ 81.00

You are from a low income family and have the money but that Apple MacBook 13-inch White (Core 2 Duo) ranging at $ 1,174 is beyond your saved amount, do not panic about the price.Variety of laptops have been made to fulfill users’ need and want which include gaming, video editing, business use, watching movie, portability and durability of the machine.This comes a long with price.Just as there are laptops whose price is above $ 1000 so are there laptops whose price range from $ 500, $ 800, $ 200 and those falling under $ 100. If you need a laptop of a certain amount of money always keep in mind that you will find one.

For any person wishing to buy cheap laptops for sale under $ 100 and you have doubts back in your mind about getting one then it is time to kick those doubts out of your mind. These cheap laptops under $ 100 can be found and bought, you only need to look at the right place and know exactly the type or make of laptop you want or if you want a second hand laptop which is absolutely cheap. You definitely need to know the laptops brand, type of operating system (OS)- be it Linux or Windows and the time the laptop has existed from the time of its creation.Most of the laptops whose sale price is below $ 100 are used laptops and can be sold at a price as low as $ 60 to $ 100.One of such include used DellD600 laptop with 1.6 ghz, 40 GB hard drive and goes at the price of $ 81.00.

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The choice remains at your dicretion to choose which among the laptops sold under $ 100 will fit your and of your intended purpose.You can also keep incheck with your nearest and favourite electronic shop for updates on the change of prices. You might be the lucky one to find the laptop of your choice has fallen within the selling bracket of $ 60 to $ 100 in the market.