Cheap air conditioners

Cheap air conditioners are available for your convenience when you need to buy an air conditioner. The only difference is that they are not made by the big brands in the industry. Major manufacturers of cheap air conditioners include Frigidaire, Haier, LG, Kenmore, GE, and Sharp. They have made various adjustments to these air conditioners and the new modern cheap air conditioners have a lot of great features. A remote control is increasingly standard issue with electronic ACs and often hailed in consumer reviews as a big plus. Users like being able to adjust the unit at night without getting out of bed or while lounging on the couch on the other side of the room. Remote functions vary by model; in addition to on/off, options may include time delay, fan speed and/or cooling mode. Some remotes are even equipped with a thermostat that can sense the temperature in another part of the room so the AC adjusts accordingly.

Among the types of air conditioners include, the car air conditioner, the wall air conditioner, the central air conditioner, the portable system and the split system air conditioner. Most air conditioners have the following similar parts, the compressor, the condenser, the evaporator, the expansion valve and the drier or accumulator. These parts are interconnected using pipes and valves. Refrigerant is the fluid which is also highly volatile that transports heat from one component to another. The air conditioner basically starts working when you turn on the AC and the refrigerant goes to the compressor where it is compressed and absorbs heat and changes from liquid to gas. Then it goes to the condenser where it is cooled sometimes in some systems the condenser may be fitted with an electric fan. After being cooled and changing back to liquid the refrigerant moves to the evaporator where it is cooled further and then air is blown across it for it to become cool and this cool air is then blown into your environment. The refrigerant then absorbs the heat from the air blown and it reverts to a gas. The drier removes any impurities on the refrigerant using filters and desiccant to absorb any moisture. The expansion valve controls how cool the air you receive will be. Before acquiring a unit you should check how energy efficient it is and for some of the appliances industries they offer free installation of your unit.

At some point the air conditioner may start having problems and you should get it repaired by a certified technician from a quality service company near you. They will first do an initial diagnosis before establishing what the problem is and then make recommendations. If you do regular maintenance then they will only be small repairs to do. However, without maintenance you may find yourself having to replace components of the AC system which are quite costly. Most companies have the components there and will easily replace any parts that need to be repaired. They also offer to retrofit your old refrigerant with the newer environmentally safe refrigerant.