Car rental companies

Car rental services are extremely wide spread, because they offer the freedom of driving on your own and to depending of schedules, buses, trains and taxis. In many cases using rented car is cheaper and faster, that these of the taxis and the buses – it is proven; also the car has the ability to bring you almost anywhere you want to go and the bus – no.

Car rental companies are very popular in the large cities and tourist destinations; considering that almost everywhere we find something to see and visit – they are spread all around. India as one of the most interesting places on the Earth, offers many interesting locations, worth to be seen and taking advantage of the cheap and quality rented cars is very convenient.

Here are some car rental companies you may use, depending on the place you are, of course these are not all the states and regions included – it is not possible to put them here.

  • Carzonrent is one of the largest Indian car rental services in the country; the company offers automobiles of very high class, luxury and reliable. Carzonrent have offices all around the country – Mumbai, Bangalore, Goa, Jaipur, Pune, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad and all the major cities in the country. They have more than 6mln clients daily and over 7, 500 vehicles. You may take advantage of their services from here -
  • Avis – one of the well known world brands for rented cars works also in India, offering luxury cars for its domestic and international clients. The company is presented in all large cities and offers quality and reliable services and vehicles; along with discounts and also to connect with services from all around the world. You may hire car anytime just using the online form here -
  • Delhi car Rental Company is one of the members of this kind of services in the capital of the country; the company offers high class and quality vehicles to its clients, along with middles class cars. Vans and SUV are also available to be used for larger groups or specific tracks. For more information and booking you can use the online form here -
  • Savaari car rental is the next company in our list – it has offices in all major cities – Delhi, Bangalore and over 60 more. The company offers luxury and standard vehicles, along with airport transfer and courteous drivers; the services include 8 and 10 hour availability to rent car in the cities, too. If you need more information just follow the link here -
  • Drive Car Club is one of the largest car rental companies in India; it offers also cab rentals services, too. The company is available in the largest Indian cities – Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore and more. Like all the businesses today this company is also available online here - and also has mobile application.
  • There are many more car rental services in India you may find many more online and to use their online forms to book.