Car air conditioning service

Car air conditioning service is recommended to keep your air conditioner in the best shape and to detect any underlying problems that would reduce the efficiency of the system. Every car air conditioner despite its make is made up of five major parts. These parts are the compressor, the condenser, the evaporator, the expansion valve and the drier also known as the accumulator. These five components are connected using pipes, valves and the refrigerant ports and they use the refrigerant liquid as the medium through which they transport heat and later expel that heat from the car.

Basically, the compressor compresses the refrigerant and it absorbs heat and changes into a gas. This gas then goes to the condenser where it is cooled back to liquid and the heat is released outside. Then it gets to the evaporator where it becomes even cooler and the blower blows air across it into the vehicle for you and your passengers to enjoy comfort while travelling.

The AC is comprised of a system whose main fluid is Freon. The Freon is pressurized by the compressor and thus becomes hotter because it usually absorbs the heat around. The hot gas is taken to various parts where it loses the heat. The cooler the Freon becomes it changes state from gas to liquid. From this cool liquid cold air is blown to your car. Recent studies have now shown that Freon R-12 is harmful and causes depletion of the ozone layer and therefore led to the invention of R-134a which even though is less efficient is not causing environmental harm. Your technician can organize the replacement of your AC refrigerant to the eco-friendly R-134a.

Basically automotive air conditioning is not too complex and can last for years if used correctly and with regular maintenance checks by repair service companies to prevent damage to the components that make up the AC.

Some problems may occur that require your Ac to have repairs done. They may include noisy compressor, leakages and even the system not coming on. The first thing to do is call your maintenance person who will have a look at the AC and give a diagnosis. This initial check is offered by some service companies for free and some charge for it. So you may have to find the best service provider who you are willing to work with according to your budget. It is important to have the brochure from the company in order to get their range of charges and to get a great and affordable service provider.

This often includes a visual check of all the parts of the AC, a performance test where he will check for how efficient the system is and he will also do a pressure test to check if all the levels are normal using a PSI and will be able to detect any areas with the pressure being too low or too high. Any problem with the pressure could be as a result of a blocked valve or a hole or even air in the system. Then he will check for leakages in the system using a special trace dye. This is because refrigerant is highly evaporative and on contact with air it quickly evaporates and this is why it is so difficult to detect any leakages on your AC on your own.