Car air conditioning repair

A car AC system consists of five major parts to keep you and your passengers cool as you travel over long or short distances. Most AC systems consist of:

  • Compressor
  • Condenser
  • Receiver dryer or Accumulator
  • Orifice tube or Expansion valve
  • Evaporator
  • What is the AC compressor? The compressor is the core, primary part of every AC system. It pumps the refrigerant to all the other parts of the air conditioner. It plays the role of pressurizing the refrigerant that is used to transport heat through the components before it is expelled. It senses temperature changes using an electrically operated clutch that turns on and off when you change the temperature of you AC and when the temperature outside changes. When your compressor starts leaking and gets noisy and sometimes when you turn on the AC it starts out as cool and later becomes warm, these are some of the signs that indicate that your AC needs to be replaced. Leaks are detected using a special dye that can then detect the leaks using a special backlight. This is because when leaks occur the refrigerant evaporates and thus it is not easy to detect a leak.

    What is an AC condenser? The condenser is responsible for turning the hot refrigerant gases from the compressor into liquid. The condenser is found at the front of your car. The condenser for some fans has an electric fan that cools the refrigerant as it turns. This liquid refrigerant is then moved to the dryer. Some of the common problems of a condenser are leaks and clogging which present themselves when the performance of your car air conditioning unit lowers. The condenser can be fixed but if the damage is too high then it would have to be replaced.

    What is a receiver or dryer? The receiver or dryer is common on vehicles fitted with a thermal expansion valve. The receiver or dyer is responsible for trapping moisture and other contaminants from getting to other parts of the car air conditioner. Trapping the moisture is vital for the functioning of the major components because refrigerant mixed with moisture becomes corrosive and could start destroying all the parts of the car air conditioner. This acid could also form holes that lead to the leaking of refrigerant and the entry of air in the system which would lower the performance of the system. The liquid is removed by the drier using desiccant and it has filters to trap other contaminants. When the drier is worn out and can no longer absorb moisture or is compromised and can no longer function then it has to be replaced.

    The technician will fix all the parts he can and he will inform you of the parts that need to be replaced. If these parts are not available some international service companies usually offer to import them for you.

    To prevent costly repairs through replacements then you should schedule for regular maintenance of your car air conditioning.