Car AC repair cost

Car ACs are very important in keeping you warm or cool depending on the sort of environment you would like as you drive around. Unfortunately the AC can break down and eventually stop working. Car AC repair cost usually depends on the type of company working on your car AC and the parts that need to be repaired. The freelancing technicians can be more or less expensive than a car service company. A car service company will do follow ups and will offer you warranty when they fix your car AC. You can also decide to do it yourself and the cost you incur will be for the materials you had to buy only as opposed to the two former methods that might include service charge and transport and the parts that are replaced which might be quite high. In general there are the expected costs of repairs and replacements of any parts that cannot be fixed.

$100-300 this is the cost for the initial diagnosis of your AC. This includes evaluation of your AC including checking all pipes, belts and topping it off with fresh refrigerant and filling it. The price of refrigerant is the same at most stores but the technician may include a service charge to the bill.

$150-800 this cost is for all minor repairs and then recharging it. It also includes the replacements of a few broken down parts such as pipes, sensors, compressor or condenser.

$1000-4000 this is the cost for comprehensive AC repair and can be more depending on the model. This extensive repair includes the replacement of many parts of the AC or all of them, the compressor, condenser, pipes, sensors, belts, pressure switch and valves and then recharging the refrigerant. For some old models they may have to be refitted with the new environmentally friendly refrigerant.

Installation of an AC can be quite costly depending on the installation type that you would prefer though the technician will advise you on the most suitable choice for your need. For vehicles the costs ranges from $1500-4000 and this can even be higher for luxury vehicles.

Car AC repair cost will depend on where you want it to get fixed and the part that has the issue. The Service repair companies though pricey have the advantage of doing follow ups and regular maintenance. Some like Firestone offer warranty after repair of sometimes up to 90 days. So this means if they fix your car AC and within those days you notice it is still not working well they will repair it for you under that warranty. Some companies like the Pep Boys offer a free initial diagnosis and there packages are cheaper. If you find that your car AC needs repairs you should compare all the types of repair companies in your area and identify one that offers a great deal for repairs. You can also inquire from neighbors and friends about a technician with a great review and who delivered good work and contact him.