Can Arvind Kejriwal’s Victory Be Considered As The Victory Of Common Man?

In the times where the politics have become polluted and filled with money and power and in the situations where there is no scope for common man to take part in politics and win, Aravind Kejriwal has entered into politics as a common man, faced the parties with money, power and workers and captured the Delhi’s seat of power. This is not a common thing. It is something to be considered as the victory of common man in India.

Aravind Kejriwal is a distinct politician in Indian politics. He is a common man who is a good scholar and a Gandhian. He graduated from IIT, Karaghpur and got selected in Civil services. He founded a non profit organisation to work for the public awareness. Then he worked with Anna Haazare to fight against corruption. And then in Nov’ 2012 he established the political party named Aam Aadmi Party (which means common man) and contested in Delhi Assembly elections and became the Delhi’s Chief Minister for the second time. He fought against corruption and brought recognition to Aam Aadmi Party as a party for common man. All the people contested and won on behalf of this party are also common people without any experience in politics.

The main reason for his victory is the confidence of public on Kejriwal. He abided by his promises like reducing the electricity charges, supplying of free purified water, giving importance to sanitation, women’s safety etc. in his first tenure. Besides these, giving tickets to honest people, common public, professionals irrespective of their gender and social status can be considered as the reasons for his massive victory. Not only this, he conducted campaigning in a simple manner at small centres; his winning without over expenditures is not a common thing. Therefore this can be definitely considered as the victory of common man. There is need for more political parties like this which fight against corruption in India.