Can a communist rule fix all problems in India

A question that has continuously been haunting us is that whether communism in its fullest manifestation can work in India. It is not so easy to answer such an important question in just a few lines as it has its own pros and cons. The first question that is needed to be asked is whether a country as vast can accept communism in all parts of the country. The answer is that it can and cannot. If you look at the communist philosophy then you will see that they don’t believe in cast or creed and religion when it comes to Governance. This is something that India can use. The reason for this is that India is a country that houses many religions, so the best way to bridge the gap in such a country is by annulling the religious concept from the Government. It does not mean that you cannot believe in a religion but it will not affect the judgment of the government, which is sometimes blurred in India.

We have seen that there were primary 3 states that have strong communist influence in India namely Tripura, Kerala and West Bengal. We have often heard that communists are anti development. We have a little problem after looking at the facts. According to facts, Tripura, one of the smallest states in the northeast, is one of the most developed states in the there and is placed in the higher positions when it comes to the 100 days work scheme. What is more interesting is that the Chief Minister of the state is the poorest chief minister of the country and has an approval rating exceeding 50%. Kerala has a literacy rate of over 90% and they have been under the communist regime during this feat. When the UPA-2 government was in power, one of their Ministers, Mr. Jairam Ramesh has praised the left for enforcing the panchayat system as the left or communist were the pioneers of panchayat system in India.

The thing that has made the communist more hopeful was the 2004 Parliamentary Elections where the communists secured 61 seats, their highest tally till date in any general elections. As far as development is concerned, you can look at west Bengal which was under 34 year rule of communists and boasts to have contributed to the IT sector hugely during the 2000’s when this sector was taking a leap into the future. One of the famous quotes of Karl Marx was that the position of the society can be judged by the position of women in the society which is something that should be looked at in India where the mindset dictates that women are a burden on their family.

Finally, let us talk about of the best economies in the world, China. This is a state which has been in communist occupation for over 40 years and yet is one of the strongest economies in the world. They have shown how communism can be an advantage. If India can emulate them then also it will become even stronger than where it is now at least in terms of economy.