Can India win China

Who would win between China and India in a war? Why do we need a war in the first place? We are neighbors, let us live in harmony. But if at all there is a war between India and China, chances are that we will not win over China. There are a number of contributing reasons to this judgment of ours. We are yet to be as developed, in terms of military support as China.

Reasons why China might have the winning edge over India in a war if there is one

1. Geographical reasons

Firstly, China is a larger country than India and its population is more than India, hence, the pan power is more. Secondly, the Great Wall of China is still standing strong between China and any other country protecting it from outside invasion on foot. The rugged terrain of China also would make it difficult for the Indians to invade in. As for India, it is comparatively easy to invade India as just by attacking the northern neck it is possible to cut off the north-west from the rest of the country. Geographically, India is easily approachable and can be invaded.

2. Social and Military Conditions

China is a far more developed city than India and especially in terms of war theories and nuclear power along with efficient militants. It is a harsh truth that China is more advanced and well equipped for war. Comparatively, more number of people is still below the poverty level in India. The population of China being more, more people can dedicate their life for the country and for safeguarding and manning the boundaries.

We are not denying the fact that we can hope to see that day soon, when India will be as advanced as China or probably more, but some flaws such as the geographical position, terrain and few other factors will remain always. To overcome those barriers and win a war with China we need to work really hard. And if there is any chance of war in the near future, we need to buck up and prepare ourselves for that.

In the recent past, we have seen development in a lot of socio-economic aspects of our country, so we can always hope that the military powers will also improve soon enough. Both, India and China own nuclear weapons, but China owns a lot of other advantages over India.

If there is a war and if we have to win over China, then we need to buck up, spend our resources, man our boundaries with the ablest men and find that little weak point and that one key move that would allow us to win the war.

In general, war should be our last resort, because in a war nothing but precious lives are lost and blood of innocents is spilled. China, we are not far behind you in terms of military support, so let there be harmony.