Can India ever arrest or kill Daud Ibrahim

A little history

Daud Ibrahim and his infamous D-Company stepped into the spotlight of the world of terror since the 1993 Mumbai bomb blasts, tearing down the Babri Masjid and resulting in the death of over 350 and injuring over 1200 civilians. Since then, Ibrahim and his D-Company have been linked with planning and financing the 2002 Gujarat attack by the Lashkar-e-Toiba (LeT), the 2008 Mumbai attacks and even the 2013 IPL scam.

The turn of events

Over two decades and 4 different prime ministers later, there seems to be some hope at last looming in the shadows for the capture of World's #3 most wanted fugitive (by Forbes Magazine) as the charismatic new helmsman Narendra Modi and his government has been hinting at a bin-Laden style covert operation regarding the nabbing of Ibrahim since early 2014.

Mr. Prime Minister had promised in his election campaigns to bring Daud Ibrahim back to India and serve him justice. In early 2014, in a private news channel, Mr. Modi rebutted to the Daud issue stating that the media is not the ones who decide how such delicate issues are to be handled. He went on to state that the US did not keep the media and civilians informed of the assault on bin Laden.

There have been numerous uproars in the political stage off late by the opposition parties to make the government formally announce its stance in the Daud Ibrahim case.

Past attempts

Some news agencies report that in 2013, a covert operation, in the style of the US’s assault on Osama bin Laden had been put into motion and intricately chocked out by The Research and Analysis Wing (RaW). There had apparently been a task force who was flown into Pakistan with forged passports from Nepal and smuggled the necessary arms and ammunitions to neutralize Daud Ibrahim in Karachi, but unfortunately, the assault was called off at the last minute.

Recent Developments

The most recent developments relating to the Daud Ibrahim case is India’s rigid stance in the G7’s Financial Action Task Force (FATF) summit held during June 21-26 in Australia where Pakistan has been stressed to freeze properties and economic resources of Ibrahim who has been allegedly harboring in Pakistan. In a previous dossier being handed to Pakistan in 2012, The Indian government’s Research and Analysis Wing (RaW) had furnished 3 addresses in Pakistan which were reportedly owned and inhabited by Ibrahim.

In India, the Modi government has issued directions to the Enforcement Directorate to enquire into the properties of Ibrahim and his associates. Home Minister, Rajnath Singh promised in Parliament that the government would bring Daud back to India 'no matter what”. The undeniable tensions brewing in the Daud Ibrahim case may just be a pre-cursor to India’s stand in the long run with regards to terrorism. Only time will tell now how the fate of the notorious Ibrahim will be sealed: whether he will be arrested or killed. Wait to unfold the story!

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