It is a hot sunny day and you are driving on the road and you turn on the AC expecting a cool breeze to relieve all the heat you are feeling only for you to notice a few seconds later that you are still sweating and quite uncomfortable from all the heat. You try and turn on the AC one more time and then reality soon sets in that your car AC has broken down. So how do you get your AC repaired?

First you need to understand how a car AC works. It is a machine with various parts of a whole that each contribute to the smooth running of your AC providing you with warm and cool conditions depending on your most current need. So what happens when you turn on your car AC? Once you turn on the AC the compressor compresses the refrigerant which results in the raising of its temperature. As it moves to the condenser it cools down because it is losing heat. Contaminants and moisture are removed when it passes through the receiver and dryer. It moves on to the expansion valve also known as the accumulator where it is slowed down even more and it loses pressure and the temperature is further lowered. Then it gets to the evaporator where the refrigerant is cooled down to an even lower temperature and all the moisture is removed from the air. The blower motor blows air over the now quite cold evaporator and pushes out cold air on to the passengers’ compartment. These are all the steps that take place at a faster pace hen you need your AC to cool down the temperature of your car. So from this brief description there are a lot of things that could cause your AC to breakdown. These problems include:

  • Mold accumulation in the evaporator that may prevent air from reaching the vents
  • Lose hose that supplies air to the blower
  • Fan is not working properly
  • Leaking of refrigerant
  • AC need to be recharged
  • Clogged expansion tube
  • Vacuum leaks
  • Faulty compressor clutch among other AC problems that could be affecting your car AC performance.
  • All these problems may lead to your car AC not working properly and it may require repair. The first thing to do is call your maintenance person who will have a look at the AC and give a diagnosis. This initial check is offered by some service companies for free and some charge for it. So you may have to find the best service provider who you are willing to work with according to your budget. It is important to have the brochure from the company in order to get their range of charges and to get a great and affordable service provider.

    After you get your AC fixed you should consider getting it checked regularly to prevent future AC problems that may have easily been taken care of such as refilling the refrigerant and recharging your AC.