Bill gates wedding

Bill Gates is the 2nd richest guy in the world and the 4th most powerful according to Forbes, but there was a time once he was just a boy asking out a girl in the office parking lot.

“The first time he inquired me out, he said, ‘Could you go out 2 weeks from this upcoming Saturday?’” his wife Melinda Gates said in a current NPR interview. “And I said, ‘Well, that’s not precisely spontaneous…I was like, wow, who knows their calendar two weeks from Saturday night?’”

Melinda worked at Microsoft, where Gates was and still is the head honcho. We inquired Gates for his side of the story.

Though they live a natural life of honor and power, Bill and Melinda Gates are in work together to provide much of their riches away. Throughout interviews, Bill Gates and Melinda make public their thoughts about wedding, working together, and raising their 3 children.

How Bill and Melinda Met:

Bill and Melinda saw in 1987 at a Microsoft press event in Manhattan, NY.

Marriage Offer:

Bill planned marriage to Melinda in 1993 when he "in secret diverted a chartered airplane they were taking house from Palm one night of Sunday to land in Omaha. Warren Buffett met them there, organized to have a jewelry store open, and assisted them choose a ring."


Ages at Wedding:

Bill Gates, Thirty-eight. Melinda, Twinty-nine years old.

Wedding Day:

Bill and Melinda were wedded on Jan 1, 1994 on the Hawaiian island which place in Lanai. The island has no stoplights, has 47 miles of coastline, more of white sand, and is solitary 18 miles long and 13 miles extensive.

To assure their secrecy for the day of their marriage, Bill lent every hotel room at the hotel (250 rooms) and rented every helicopter close by.

Bill and Melinda's $1 million, sea wedding ceremony took place on the twelfth tee of the Manele Hotel golf course. Steve Balllmer was Bill's best man and William J. Sullivan S.J., Seattle University Leader, was the presider of the marriage ceremony.

Bill be dressed in black slacks and a white dinner jacket. Melinda be dressed in a $10,000 wedding gown designed by Victoria Glenn of Seattle.

The white dress was completed out of silk-faced organza.

Wedding Reception:

Wedding visitors numbered about 130 and comprised Warren Buffet, Craig McCaw, Paul Allen, and Katharine Graham. Willie Nelson amused the Bill & Melinda and their visitors at the marriage party.

Scheduling on leaving his kids $10 million each, "Gates has at all times said that, like Carnegie, he will give away most of his wealth before he dies. He tactics to make certain his children are well taken care of but doesn’t need to leave them the load of tremendous wealth."

Jobs and Interests:

Bill: Chairman of Microsoft, a software designer, and philanthropist. Bill is a devoted reader, likes playing golf and bridge, and listening to Frank Sinatra music.

Melinda: Previous marketing manager at Microsoft and an administrative in custody of interactive content. She now workings with Bill on the Bill and Melinda Gates Organization.