Bill gates timeline

1955: William Henry Gates III is born to lawyer William Henry Gates II & Mary Gates, a educator, University of Washington regent & chairwoman of United Way International. He is raised in Seattle.

1967: Gates joined in the Lakeside School, a high-class private school in Seattle location, where he helps Paul Allen. The two students share an attention in programming and computers. The school notices his ability for expertise and asks him to create a electronic schedule of classes.Gates’ 2005 important speech at Lakeside School.

1973: Gates joins Harvard as a pre-law main, but soon shifts focus. He rapidly runs through the university’s more rigorous mathematics and graduate level computer science courses.

1978: Microsoft’s year-end sales surpass $1 million. Gates gains a status for being tough, but engrossed.

1979: Microsoft HQs are relocated to Bellevue, Wash., a development of Gates’ hometown, Seattle.

1981: Microsoft joins and buys the rights to the OS “DOS” from Seattle Computer Products. The system is reformed and renamed MS-DOS, and the corporation licenses it to IBM for the business’s new personal computer.

1983: Allen leaves Microsoft after emerging Hodgkin’s disease. Microsoft publicizes Windows as an extension of its MS-DOS operating system.

1986: Microsoft HQs move again, this time to close Redmond, Wash. Shortly after, the corporation goes public.

1987: At age 31, Gates becomes the freshest billionaire ever. He meets his upcoming wife, Melinda French, at a Microsoft occasion in New York.

1989: Gates founds Corbis, a collection of art and photography from public & private collections. Corbis later becomes one of the major collections of visual info in the world.

1990: The Federal Trade Commission begins an study into possible collusion among IBM and Microsoft.The FTC charges that IBM and Microsoft work together to divide up the market for operating systems in a controlling way, with IBM’s OS/2 capturing the high-end of the marketplace & Microsoft’s Windows covering the low-end of the market.

1994: Gates weds French; the couple goes on to have three kids. The Gateses unite their charitable giving under the William H. Gates Foundation, titled for Gates’ father, who agrees to achieve the foundation. It is later engrossed into the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

1995: In July, at age thirty-nine and with a wealth of $12.9 billion, Gates becomes the sphere’s richest man. Later that summer, Microsoft presents Internet Explorer to the sphere, as part of Windows 95. The Road Ahead, Gates’ book about his dream for the digital future, holds the No. 1 spot on The New York Times best-seller list for seven weeks. Gates begins to shift Microsoft’s emphasis toward the emerging Internet.


– Microsoft launches two single versions of Windows: 2000 & Me, short for Millennium Edition.

- Bill Gates passes his name of Microsoft CEO to Steve Ballmer; Gates publicly becomes known as Chief Software Designer.

- The judge in the anti-trust test orders Microsoft to become two corporations: one for Windows & one for all software. Bill Gates requests the ruling.

- Bill Gates & Melinda gates launch the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, including several additional foundations, with an first contribution of US$28 billion from private funds.