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Everybody has to start somewhere. Bill Gates currently has a net wealth of $67 billion, but fewer than forty years ago he was earning just $15,000. The Living Computer Museum presented off their collection of Microsoft stuff at an event on Tuesday, including co-founders Bill Gates & Paul Allens' resumes from 1974.

The resumes are a genuine find, for a few motives. First of all, Gates and Allens' present salaries are apparently listed as $15,000 and what aspects like $12,550, respectively. Compared to their existing net worths, this is, of course, amusingly low. But at the time, these numbers are pretty darn inspiring. Using a rise calculator, you can see that $15,000 in 1974 is equivalent to about $68,880 today. An 18-year-old that is making $68,880 a year? That's remarkable.

It also looks like Allen & Gates made their resumes together, as the formatting is so similar. Possibly they made the decision to comprise their heights and weights on their resumes together as well. Was it common to comprise your height and weight on your resume in the 1970's? We can see that Gates was obviously not spending that $15,000 on lavish meals, as his height & weight give him a BMI of 18.7, which is approximately underweight.

Bill Gates presently ranks second on the Forbes 2013 rich list, with $67 billion in the bank. One peek at his university CV, though, & you would think then.

Shown at a assembly at Seattle's Leaving Computer Museum, the resumé of a 18-year-old Gates lists a baseline salary necessity of just $15,000 (£10,000). 

Gates's purposes are listed as "systems analyst or systems programmer". He & Paul Allen were working at US corporation Honeywell in 1974 when the CV was made & together would go on to make the Microsoft we know today.

The occasion at the Seattle Living Computer Museum was a bit of a who's who of the computer sphere. Atari founder Nolan Bushnell attended, alongside with Vic Hayes, who invented Wi-Fi.

The simple resumés show how times have changed as they look to be on plain white paper, use a basic font and were probable typed on a typewriter as well. At the time, Bill Gates was only 18 & Allen, 21,  they were watching for programming jobs (no surprise) & were willing to move anyplace to find them.