Bill Gates & Steve jobs

Gates released a statement saying: I'm really saddened to hear of Steve Jobs' death. Melinda & I extend our honest condolences to his family & friends, and to everybody Steve has touched over his work. Steve and I first met almost 30 years ago, & have been associates, rivals & friends over the way of more than half our lives. The world infrequently sees somebody who has had the profound influence Steve has had, the things of which will be felt for several generations to come. For those of us fortunate sufficient to get to effort with him, it's been an excessive honor. I will miss Steve greatly.  

Steve & Bill first met as young favorable entrepreneurs, seeing both of them would grow up to start multibillion dollar businesses. As most of you recognize Steve Jobs created Apple while Bill Gates made Microsoft but the friendship went back even further. Notwithstanding the intense competition between the two businesses, Gates described how he & Jobs “grew up together” this was said throughout an interview with 60 minutes that took place a few days after Jobs demise. During the interview, Gates was trying to fight back tears memory the times with his friend.

Steve Jobs worked on the numerous products around the maximum notable is the original Macintosh computer which had been a main turning point for all computers. If I were to define their relationship id have to say it wasn’t like greatest peoples, this is clearly seen in their meetings, when they were inquired about each other they said numerous interesting things the following are several of what they said:

Gates: Steve Jobs were “basically odd,” & “weirdly flawed as a human being”

Jobs on Gates: “He’d be a wider man if he had fallen acid once or away off to an ashram when he was newer”

Gates on Jobs: “He actually never knew much about expertise, but he had an astonishing instinct for what works”

This friendship has transformed today’s technology. In fact the preponderance of technology today are either Apple or Microsoft products, their admiration has just kept on growing all these years and is surly going to stay with new and upcoming goods such as the Xbox One, IPhone 5S, IPad 5, Apple TV, & much more that will soon be exposed at the CES conference. After all this you see that Jobs & Gates had one hell of a friendship, unluckily for Mr. Gates and the world Steve Jobs is no more with us.

When asked around Jobs & Apple, this softer, wiser Gates disclosed that their association was ugly at times, but it was to be predictable. "He and I in logic grew up composed," said Gates. "We were in a time of the similar age. We were kind of naively hopeful and built big corporations."

"We completed all of it," he added. "Most of it as competitors, but we always remembered a certain respect, communiqué. Even when he was sick I got to go down & talk to him about what we've learned. Relations. Anything."

Net Worth:

Steve Jobs Net worth: $10 B

Bill Gates Net Worth: $67 B