Bill Gates nickname

The very well-known owner of the largest software firm in the world, Microsoft, was born as William Henry III on 28 October, 1955. Bill Gates was born and brought up in Seattle. He was a very good and competitive student in his school, The Lakeside school. This junior school was instrumental for Gates since his best buddy, Paul Allen, over in the school continued later to be the business partner of Gates when Microsoft was launched. Both the buddies got together to launch this new company, Microsoft, and also a software that they both were earlier working on. The software was a pre-cursor to Unix, the earliest programming language. Born in a rich family, both his mother and father wanted all their children to grow up as intelligent and competitive individuals in their later lives.

Bill Gates was also called by his father’s name, which was confusing for both of them. He was called Trey. It is strange to imagine this thing, but even Bill Gates was called by his nickname ‘Trey’ in the family. From the very starting years itself, Bill Gates was a brainy and competitive child. The seeds of entrepreneurship were there in his heart from the very early times only. The company Microsoft was found in 1955 by both the school buddies, Bill Gates and Paul. The name Microsoft was formed as an attachment of two small forms: Micro from microprocessor and Soft from software. Thus, the new firm was laid down and was never imagined to have such a widespread base as it has grown to have. The operating system, earlier launched by the company has come to be followed in all the computer-systems worldwide. Almost all the computer systems we see, whether in our schools, colleges or even our offices have a base back-end of Microsoft. The company is such a brand world over that every computer system can be imagined to contain this back end for usual processing tasks.

The nickname to the master and owner of this company has been derived from his father’s name only and he is lovingly called by family and friends as Trey. The mastermind is also called Genius by friends and family, lovingly. Proving his genius and well-establishing his first and foremost organization so well, Bill Gates has always remained attached to his basic roots, in the form of his parents and close family. Also, he has always taken care of making required donations, every single year. It is due to this closeness and frankness with family and friends that his family members and friends would comfortably refer to him by the nickname only, instead of addressing him formally, inspite of his high stature. The family values were always deeply imbibed in this business man that there has not been any single case of forgery or mistrust within the company or any of its undertakings ever. The company has grown to vast heights as a software company known to, even a small child. Almost all of the computers manufactured till this day have the basic operating system of Microsoft only. It was assumed from the very beginning years of the company’s work that the company will grow leaps and bounds, and will one day attain a power higher than any other software company in the world.