Bill Gates in Bihar

Software billionaire Bill Gates and his wife Melinda, who co-chair their worldwide charitable Bill and Melinda Gates Organization reached in Patna on a day-long visit Wednesday to meet CM of Bihar named Nitish Kumar, policy creators, community leaders & NGOs and interacted with the villagers.

Soon afterward arrival, Bill & Melinda stayed Jamsaut and Sabjpura villages in the Danapur sub-division nearby Patna.

Talking to a news-persons afterward meeting villagers, Bill Gates said he was here to know in what way the health projects financed by his Organization were working for persons.

Bill Gates said "I am here to know about in what way far health schemes funded by the organization in partnership with the Bihar rule are working to decrease infant and mother mortality, Moreover (the progress in) institutional supply and immunization.”

"Along with their handing over, they met native villagers and cooperated with them to recognize their difficulties," a regional official said.

Bill Gates also stayed Sabjpura-founded Cereal Systems Initiatives in South Asia (CSISA), which goals to aid lots of Indian farmers largely boost crop yield and their profits within ten years. The official said "they spent approximately an hour at Cereal Systems Initiatives in South Asia to see and comprehend the project.”

They come across community health staffs and state officers to see immediate the launch of a 5-year, $80 million grant completed in partnership with the state government.

"They will meet Nitish Kumar in the evening the day Wednesday. Beforehand that they will hold meetings with the Patna area magistrate, top government administrators, community leader & NGO partners s," an official said.

Last May, Bill and his wife visited poverty-stricken Tertariya village in Banka region & Gularia village in Khagaria district of the state.

GULERIA, India 18 May 2010 - Billionaire richest Bill Gates met last week with community staffs in this small village in the eastern Indian state of Bihar, who said him about their hard work to assure families to get their kids protected against polio.

The one thousands associate strong SMNET (Social Mobilization Network) for Polio Eradication in Bihar, started by UNICEF, mobilizes mothers and wardens to take OPV, the vaccine to avert polio in children less than five years of age. Above than 70% of the network is organized in the 41 High Risk Zones mostly in the Kosi Area serving underserved communities.

SMNET Coordinators said Bill how they work carefully with community memberships and families to deliver messages on the significance of OPV vaccination, using a mix of activities and plans, counting mothers & community meetings. 

During his visit, Gates presented an actual sense of positivity in what he saw in Bihar.  “The statistics are certainly improving. The government has a strategy to improve health. In Bihar, the vaccination proportions, which were as low as 11% are at the present up by above 50 per cent. That’s been attained actually in only around four years. That’s a very quick increase. There is more still to be completed, but I think you are going to see health improve pretty largely,” he said.

The Polio Eradication Program is run by the Direction of India, with care from the organizing partners--WHO, Rotary International, the United State CDC or also famous Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and UNICEF – with major contributions from the Bill & Melinda Gates Organization.