Bill Gates answered questions on Reddit’s

"I like playing tennis. I am a devoted bridge player (a card game if you have not got of it - it was more famous in the past!). I love to tour exciting things with my children like garbage dumps, power plants, Antarctica, the Large Hadron Collider, missile Silos (Arizona),... I read more and watch courses (online or the Learning Corporation)..

Whereas being actually rich opens you the chance to affect the world faster than usual, there are no other seeming benefits and more of the things the richest man on the globe can do are also accessible to you. And these are not just some arbitrary things, but the most significant things in the world.

1. Sleeping

No matter how rich, he perhaps won't have a much superior sleeping experience than you do. So you are previously covered for around a third of the time you live. By 'covered' I mean you have the similar advantage as being the richest guy in the world.

2. Have kids

Kids are life's largest money, and no issue how rich, he can't be well than you in having children. This also means that whatsoever, currency he has to spend on their schooling they may or not turn out to be superior persons than your own children. It whole comes to the parent and the earth's richest man's money delivers him no edge there.

3. Sports

Opportunity is you are perhaps in superior shape to do most sports than the earth's richest man. And sport is almost the healthiest doings you can be doing in this world. You might not have entrance to the Royal Golf Club, but do you actually care?

4. Hobbies

Hobbies are little choices that make you pleased, like fishing, your lawn, drink beer with partners, collectibles and other formalities. And you don't want a lot of currency to have hobbies. World's richest man's hobby can be costly cars, but does it actually matter what is it that  makes you joyful as long as it makes you content?

5. Work

This is a complicated one. Rich people have more choices, but if you are in a place to do what you like you are previously there. It doesn't issue if you are a fireman or a stock agent as long as you live your visions.

6. Friends

Your associates are your next treasure and they have been with you through both good and bad times.  The well thing you don't have to spend a cash to create a friend circle. And chance is currency being more probable to make your opponents anyway.

7. Laugh

Want I say more?

8. Help others

Helping others is almost as politest thing as you can do in life. Though, more currency permits you to help more persons, but I am actually having trouble counting rich people who dedicated their lives to aiding others relatively than to get richer. So, if you aid others you are maybe doing superior than most rich men already.

9. Integrity

You can similarly call it pride, self-respect, character. It is what describes you as a person. Again, here currency is more likely to only acquire in the way.