Bill Gates and Steve Jobs interview

Bill Gates has given a responsive interview to CBS' 60 Minutes in which he says about his bond with Apple visionary Steve Jobs telling how the 2 'grew up together'.

Talking to expert host Charlie Rose, the Microsoft creator wells up as he recalls visiting Jobs just beforehand his death at house in Palo Alto, California, in October 2011.

Describing their previous conversation as 'forward looking', Gates, 58, also recalled with Rose about how the two expertise giants shaped Silicon Valley during a friendly competition that lasted over 35 years.

He presented me the boat he was employed on,' said Gates to 60 Minutes on Sunday, & talked about how he's watching forward for presence on it, even however we both recognized there was a decent chance that wouldn't happen.'

'We talked about what we learned, about relations, anything.

'He was not being sad, like, 'Oh I've been jipped'. He was very forward watching about how we haven't actually improved education with expertise.'

The suddenly poignant moment from the generally reserved Gates came as he was conversing how the two men had forged multi-billion dollar corporations and fortunes changing the public's association with technology forever.

He and I, in a logic, grew up together,' clarified Gates. 'We were within a year of the same age, and we were kind of simply optimistic and built big corporations.

'And every imaginary we had about creating products & learning new things we attained all of it. And maximum of it as opponents.

'But we constantly retained a certain respect & communication, with even when he was sick.'

Their difficult friendship was explored during the illuminating interview, in which the admiration Gates held Jobs in was laid bare.

Gates even deliberates how Jobs' flair for design indorsed him & Apple to defeat Microsoft in creating the iPad, the first user-friendly tablet.

'We did tablets, lots of tablets, fine before Apple did. But they put the pieces together in a method that succeeded.'

The two expertise titans were known for their long competition, shaped through shared involvements that eventually became a bottomless mutual respect & friendship.

Though, since Jobs' death snippets have began about the distance of feeling between the two, such as the detail that Jobs kept a letter from Gates following to his deathbed.

The letter, sent as the Apple founder's death was impending, told him he must feel honored about his life's work & the corporation he had built.

Gates, creator & former CEO of Microsoft, made the exposé during an interview with The Daily Telegraph last year, in which he spoke extremely of his rival.

The duo had apparently locked horns throughout their occupations as Microsoft picked up the pace, with Apple firstly lagging behind.

In a biography available after his death in October, Jobs exclusive Gates a 'basically unimaginative' person who 'ripped off' further folks' ideas.

But in the meeting, the 57-year-old billionaire shot down these claims, appreciative the maker of the iPhone & iPad.

'He consumed a lot of his time rival with me,' Gates told The Telegraph.

'There are lots of spells when Steve said things about me. If you took the additional harsh examples, you could get fairly a litany.'